Maylen Gaspar

Club Member Since 3/7/2018

City: Colorado Springs State: CO

Favorite Shoe: ASICS, Solomon

Age: 53.7 years old

Marital Status: Married

What I do for work:
Retired, work at the AFA arts and Crafts two days/wk.

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
Dominican Republic, Germany, Tacoma, WA. Korea.
Love COS for its natural beauty and access to so many great places to hike and spend time outdoors like biking and running.

When I started running and what got me started:
Young and Army!!! Lost the love after retiring then found it again thanks to my great friend Kim Bodoh!!

What does running mean to me:
Itís time to clear the mind and connect with my body. Painful at times but worth it.

Running accomplishments: View my Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon results
Biggest accomplishment was completing the Ascent last year (2017) for my 50th birthday challenge 30 minutes faster than expected. Now trading for the marathon.

What I like about trail/mountain running:
Connecting with nature and the challenge.

Favorite running trail and why:
Still learning new trails, so will update at the end of the season.

Favorite trail/mountain race and why:
Ascent. Only one Iíve completed.

Best running experience:
Marine Corps Marathon. Very emotional.

Worst running experience:
Army forced runs. Lol.

Something non running related that no one would guess about me:
I have a pastry degree

Other hobbies and interests:
Woodworking, making bread, travel.

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