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"There is no bad weather -- only weak people"

City: Parker State: CO

Favorite Shoe: Mizuno Wave Alchemy Size: 12

Age: 37.8 years old

Marital Status: Single

Family members:

What I do for work:
I work for Zurich, which is a commercial insurance company. I do loss control for construction contractors.

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
I grew up and went to college in Central Illinois. After graduation I took a job in the Denver area and have been here since the end of 2005.

When I started running and what got me started:
Both of my parents are runners and I've always run a little bit. But, during college, a friend of mine asked me to run a 5k with him. I placed for my age group and eventually did a half-marathon and full. Now, I've done seven full marathons (Chicago 2005, Chicago 2006, Boston 2007, Twin Cities 2007, Chicago 2008, Disney World 2009, Boston 2009)and two Ultras.

What does running mean to me:
A way to get away and a way to keep from getting fat.

Running accomplishments: View my Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon results

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