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"Pain is temporary , quitting is forver." - Lance Armstrong

City: Eastport State: Id

Favorite Shoe: Nike-various styles Size: 11

Age: 56.2 years old

Marital Status: Married with one son.

Family members:
Michele- my wife
Bradley-my 10 year old son

What I do for work:
US Customs and Border Protection Officer.

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
NJ, CA, now Idaho

When I started running and what got me started:
Ran off and on for about 2 years then the last two years got serious after quitting smoking and ran my first marathon, then a 50 and then a 100. Now as much as I can afford to travel to and do.

What does running mean to me:
I like the freedom of just going out and running to the best of what I can do on any given day. I like running trails and just be all over the place.

Running accomplishments:
50 miler-10:04:00
first 100-24:41:00
my latest marathon 3:16:22

What I like about trail/mountain running:
Just getting out and seeing and enjoying the outdoors.

Favorite running trail and why:
Copper Falls near my house in Idaho. It's beautiful.

Favorite trail/mountain race and why:
Unknown right now. I have run PCT in Mt Hood OR. Looking foward to Leadville in August.

Best running experience:
My last marathon in Idaho.

Worst running experience:
50k in Vancouver BC. Ran myself into the ground trying to keep up with the leaders.UGGGhhh

Neatest thing found on a run:
Coins on the trail.

Running related bathroom stop story:
My last marathon I was on time for my splits and right where I wanted to be...then suddenly I had to Poop and I mean right now. Had to go run behind a fence and do it. No choice. Cleaned up as quickly as possible and ran fast to get back on my splits.

Running pet peeves:
Cars coming to close to you on trails or roads.

Other hobbies and interests:

Other stuff:
Finish Leadville, get below a 3 hour marathon. Steak and mexican food. Beer.

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