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Keeler North - Weatherford Trail, San Francisco Peaks, AZ
Weatherford Trail, San Francisco Peaks, AZ

“Get out and get doin! That's all I've got to say.”

City: Colorado Springs State: CO

Favorite Shoe: Salomon Sense Max 2 Size: 10.5

Age: 41.4 years old

Marital Status: single

What I do for work:
Manager-on-duty at Flying Horse

When I started running and what got me started:
2006, College, as a means to stop smoking. Wouldn't say I was addicted but I was quickly descending into that realm. One day I just decided to go on a run, six miles, and with a few days of doing it I found that if I pushed my body hard enough I could forget about those nicotine urges. Tacked on more miles with each passing week until it was a normal deal to run 14 miles a day through Flagstaff. I stayed with the it, ran first marathon in 2007, first 100 miler in 2012. I'm a finisher, a winner, a DNFer, DNSer, and haven't a regret in the world!

What does running mean to me:
On days when I feel a little down, running lifts me right back up again!

Running accomplishments: View my Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon results
Sedona Marathon 2007 28th place, 3:50:36, 8:48 pace
Soulstice Mountain Trail Run 2007 1:40:10, 8:42
Vasque Golden Leaf Half Marathon 2008 70th place 1:57:55
Denver Marathon 2008 243rd place, 3:34:45
Denver Marathon 2009 182nd place, 3:31:01
Cleveland Marathon 2010 114th place, first BQ, 3:10:41
Classic 10k 2010 39:52.45
Heart and Sole 10k 2010 40:23
9/11 Remember the Brave Run for Remembrance 10k 2010
Fans on the Field 10k 2010 40:02
Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon 2010 3:09:41, BQ
Bolder Boulder 10k 2011
Colorado Marathon 2011 2:58:59, BQ
American Discovery Trail Marathon 2011. 2:59:00, BQ
Boston Marathon 2012 3:20:15
Pony Express 100-Miler 2012, 1st place 21:05:00
Cheyenne Mountain Trail 50k 2013, DNF
Leadville Trail 100 2013, DNF
24 Hours of Boulder 50k, 2nd place, 4:38
Greenland Trail 50k, 23rd place, 4:54:53

Leadville Trail 100 2014 FINISH!, 153rd place (of 360), 27:51:45
Revel Rockies Marathon 2015 3:09:33.11
Mohican Trail 100 2015 DNF...but also an accomplishment because of lessons learned.

Silverheels 100 2016 DNF...A hell of a battle throughout.
Rim Rock Marathon 2017...5th place....3:24:57
Headlands 100 2019 FINISH...35th place...32:11:45

Random Outings:
First Marathon Distance from Medina, OH to Akron (2006)
50-miler to Divide and Back (2011)
42-miler to Blue Mountain Ranch in Florissant (2011)
50-miler to Castle Rock (2011)

58-miler from COS Downtown East to Falcon, North to Black Forest, West to Palmer Lake, South to Mining Museum

64-miler to Denver (2014)

What I like about trail/mountain running:
Peace and quiet.

Favorite trail/mountain race and why:
I can't say that I have a favorite. They're all delightfully epic in their own way.

Best running experience:
Winning a 100-miler

Worst running experience:
Is there something to be said for making bad decisions while being alone, or does one act just as stupid when in the company of others? That might be worth looking into.
Without any further adieu I've had some humdingers, and the one I'd like to share was in Summer of 2007, Vegas. As it turned out, I'd just finished watching a Badwater documentary and was inspired to go out running in the west LV desert. So, I did. I began at Red Rocks, 10am. For half the ordeal, while the July sun beat down on my thin-capped head, my mind began to fixate on swimming pools, cool mountain streams, anything with water, with unfathomable intensity. I had no control over it. I was ADDICTED to the simple IDEA drinking WATER. To this day I don't know how I finished that 14 miler. I was severely dehydrated, and it goes to show how dehydration will first mess w/ your mind before it takes over your body. I could've died. Instead, I passed out in the check out line of a 7/11 on my way back to the house.

Neatest thing found on a run:
A pocket knife on the side of US 24

Running pet peeves:
Rocks in shoes.

Something non running related that no one would guess about me:
I despise clowns.

Other hobbies and interests:
Skiing, Acting, Writing, Fly Fishing, Psychology, Music, TED talks, Podcasts.

Other stuff:
Western States!
Winning another ultramarathon

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