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Jude Wilber - Jude and Running partner - Comsmo
Jude and Running partner - Comsmo

“ I love the Manitou Inclne”

City: Hatchville State: MA

Favorite Shoe: Asics (all of them) Size: 8.5-9

Age: 69.6 years old

Marital Status: Married (Elizabeth)

Family members:
Elizabeth (wife); Cosmo (Black Lab); Sasha (Imputent Cat) Copper Top (Sasha's Shy Sister)

What I do for work:
Over educated as Ph.D Oceaongraphy. 35 year experince. Founder of Capella Consulting Group (Marine Envirnmental Science.) Semi-retired. Wrting is now my retirement career. Reguslar colum in Falmouth Bulletin (local Nespaper) Tile: 'hey jude' (what else?) as of three years ago I am officaly working on my Bucket List. I have fouudn ways of earning as I go. Should have doen this years ago. Although my wife says: You have being doing this for decades"

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
Port Allegheny, PA. Bradford, PA, Franklin, PA (hometown. Pittsburgh PA (Pitt), Durham, NC (Duke), Chapel Hill, NC (UNC - CHapel HIll), Beaufort, North Carolina (building boats), Woods Hole, MA. (official "career" location, Hatchville, MA. Favorites: Chapel Hill, Beaufort, Hatchville. Hatchville is one of the laost spots of Cape Cod whihc has been enetirely overrun by tourist and development in the 25 years i have been here. dark skies, quite nights, lots of running space.

When I started running and what got me started:
My brother is Dr. Randall Wilber, Head Sports Physisologist and Head of the Wilber Aerobics Performance Lab. Some of you have heard of him. Been puttin' guys and gals on Olympic and world Champ podiums for year. Probably #1 go-to guy in world for altitude traing. I was randy's first "project" I came home form first semester at Pitt. Fat and drunk. A frind called me "The Pillsbury Dougboy" I could not argue. So i statrted to run to lose weight. Randy already had four HS records (which still stand!) and trined year-round. Sooo he agreed to take me out on a short run. He went with proper equipment. I wentin skin-tight sky-blue jeans and boots. I flagged in about 1/2 mile. Randy left me did an out-and-back and left me again on the back. Said it was his most embarrasing moment as a coach - EVER. But I never stopped...

What does running mean to me:
Running is ESSENTIAL for all aspectsof my life. Itis the keystoneof my physical life. A necessity for emotion relaxation. And while I get all my writing topics. I have found that a hungry belly, combined with aerobic gusto and mild dehydration makes me very receptive to ideas "from the aether."

Running accomplishments:
I am 58 years old. This is my 41st straight year of "daily" running. Not sensu stricto but you know what I mean. I have never taken a sabbatical. In the early days in North Carolina I was doin' 10k's every other weekend. My best time was 36+. Marathons and Half-marathons etc. At age 38 I did 49 in the Falmouth Road Race. a little over 7 min/mile. Falmouth is current home town, hatchville is village of Falmouth. Get to see the Great Ones every year. I left the roads for coast and trail years ago when i got dogs. Along our shores we have seawalls and a particualrly nasty coastal porotection called "rip-rap" Rip-Rap is ganrite boulder thrown into the intertidal zone ot break waves. I started running rip-rap 15 years ago. This is a sport where you can break things easily - including your head. I never got seriouly hurt becasue I developed the Ten Essentials fro Rip-Rap Running Ans tick to them. As far as I know I am the ONLY rip-rap runner in the world. Certainly the oldest and most experinced. I take on rocky coastlines everywhere i go. It is a toally different running experience. A bad day will leave me bloody and aybe brusied. But good day is "like dancing on rocks." Nothing Quite Like It. In the last three years I have gone "all grass" there are ten golf course within 5 miles of me. I know when and how to get ton all of them. Usualy set up and "All-Eighteen" course. Most recenly I have returned to late-30's form. Longer runs (an huor or more) with pace in upper 7's. A few lower 7's, flirting with high 6's. Cape Cod "open stide" on all grass is the key. Also have dropped ten pound that did not to be there. so I am at 172 at 5'9". Pretty good wattage/kg. The Capper? Came to Colorado Spring for 2 weeks. From Cape Cod where highest elevation is 260'. I wen to the Incline. I stood for a full ten minutes before I said "what the hell." I did it. Not once but four times in 8 days. Here are my stats. (this eamil addressed to Alpine Ellen Miller - a new friend of mine. ellen - ps. finally "saw" you as i googled around. WOW. 29,000 feet huh. every spring. i guess that is sort of impressive. in a gurly sort of way. maybe next week for me. ANNND - since you were my most enthusiastic supporter on initial Incline effort i am summarizing the first week data here: (Up via Incline; Down via Barr's Trail. "Open" Cape Cod Stride worked well for me there.)

Incline I: 1) Air-Suck Stops: 15-20; (2) Passed By: many; (3) Passed: none; 4) Up: 68m; 5) Down: 38m; 6) Total: 105m; 7) Temp: 80+

Incline II: 1) Air-Suck Stops: 9-13; (2) Passed By: some; (3) Passed: few; 4) Up: 60.5m; 5) Down: 33m; 6) Total: 93.5 m; 7) Temp: 80+

Incline III: 1) Air-Suck Stops: 5; (2) Passed By: few; (3) Passed: some; 4) Up: 55m; 5) Down: 29m; 6) Total: 84m; 7) Temp: 80+

Incline IV: 1) Air-Suck Stops: 0; (2) Passed By: none; (3) Passed: all-in-range; 4) Up: 44m; 5) Down: 26m; 6) Total: 70m; 7) Temp: 80+

so i am going to get an "The Incline" tee shirt; graph all these Data and hang in my office!!! And now i can join The Incline club that you mentioned. And blabber on-line with other pathetics like me about how we "crushed" that thing. does this AMUSE you?

do so hope to actually meet you some day.

keep up energy for randy please

all the best - jude

Finally I have developed a sure-fire running ethic that has kept me going all these years: "Always run WITHIN yourself. When it all comes together run only AGAINST yourself"

What I like about trail/mountain running:
I am new to it. But here is what grabbed me most. You're either going up or down - not both. Here on Cape Cod we have lots and lots of knolls - up and down, up and down. It's why they call FRR "sneaky" hard. There is what I call "constanly shifting the transmission" that is a tiring factor. But on Cheyenne Trail and Inlcine and Barr's Trail I could relax and get into a rythym - not worryiny about the tranmission. I found the ups not nearly so bad with this approach. And the downs were a joy. This mainly due to my open Cape Cod Stride and all my rip-rap traing. Folks who intially Passed me on The Incline i reeled in easily on Barr's. Switchbacks and treacherous rocks simply don't bother me.

Favorite running trail and why:
There are numerous ones here on the Cape... almost all atak you around lakes and ponds. Lots of nice water. My rip-rap trials are all favorites. And of course the golf-course - all grass trails. I am currently running trials in a local Wildlife preserve. Woods and forest meadows. At dusk Cosmo and I will regularly see a dozen White Tail Deer in full flight. I have a number of mountain trial in the Shenendoah Mountains that I do whenever i get down there. Out in CS? Well Bars and Middle Cheyenne.

Favorite trail/mountain race and why:
I don't really complete any more - save for that "Within" and "Against" principle that i alluded to earlier.

Best running experience:
A) a 7.3 pace "all eighteen" golf course run after dark with full moon. January, 2010. It all came together from the start..b) A dozen rip-rap runs when it was "like dancing." c) my 4th up Incline, down Barrs. Never thought I could do that in 70 minutes almost 60. d) best race. 3:12 Charlotte Marathon.

Worst running experience:
a) Worst race is easy. Half-marathon in Beaufort North Carolina during largest, coldest snow storm ot ever stike the NC coast. Out with the wind, Back against it. Painful, painful. b) a number of rip-rap runs where I ended up bloody and bruised. c) lots of Cape Cod runs under 80/80 conditions. 80 degrees+, 80% humidity+. You high guys got no humidity. C'mon down and we'll se how you do with 80/80. It'll SAP you within a mile. Doesn't matter if you drink water, cause it doesn't evaporate. Push yourself and you can pass out. I have. Especially if you have long hair like mine. Best to swim or bike on those days.

Neatest thing found on a run:
Have to think about this one...

Running related bathroom stop story:
Have to think about tis one...

Running pet peeves:
1) What made me leave the roads = ASSHOLE Massachusetts Drivers. 2) High-priced, high-hyped crappy shoes. I started with Asics Montreals. Left Asics a few times to experiment. Always came back. Never run in anything else. The worst of the h-p,h-h? NIKE. Made to cripple. 3) Why I rarely compete = overcrowded, overpriced races full of undertrained bozos. 4) Jump-ins sneaking into second flight. And you-know all the usual suspects.

Something non running related that no one would guess about me:
In my oceaongraphy sailing days I landed on ~95% of all the islands in the Caribbean. All the well-known ones (St Lucia, Grenada etc) Where I always ran. And many so small they were ONLY found on detailed navigation charts. Great adventure and meories.

Other hobbies and interests:
Lots. Everything. Let me get back to you on this one...

Other stuff:
Again Lots. Let me get back to you...

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