Gale Marchand

Club Member Since 6/23/2014

“Revel in the moment; enjoy the beauty; be enthralled with movement; never loose sight of FUN ( If you see a hill run it)”

City: Colorado Springs State: Co

Favorite Shoe: Trail runners-with crust

Age: 56.3 years old

Marital Status: Married

Family members:
Slow mountain goats, agile turtles & jack-a-lopes

What I do for work:
Play and work to be paid for it

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
Colorado past, Minnesota - because I love running in the snow and 20 degrees, who doesn't?! Colorado again-'the hills are bigger'

When I started running and what got me started:
Moved to small town away from fitness club. Rediscovered nature

What does running mean to me:
Living, stress relief, space, breathing, nature, rhythm, love, sunshine

Running accomplishments:
Best accomplishment is 'I get to run'! I am healthy enough to do this crap ! otherwise/////////////Afton 25k x 3; Barr Trail Run 2013; Big Woods Run 1/2 several, Lake Wobegon Marathon2011 ; Grandmas Marathon 2014 ; Ron Daws 25k several, Trail Mix 25k several, Polar Dash 2013 2014 (1/2 Marathon in Minnesota Jan 1 - usually around - or maybe -8 temperature just for the fun of it- hey no bugs, humidity or dogs chasing you. Bears are sleeping), several road 1/2 marathons, Best accomplishment is running healthy and loving it. Any day I can get up and be outside is a bonus

What I like about trail/mountain running:
I feel like a kid again

Favorite running trail and why:
Too many to pick from Afton? Barre? Superior? Trail Mix? RMNP? Falcon? Palmer Park? How can I pick? So many trails so little time.

Favorite trail/mountain race and why:
Afton probably - super fun hills with awesome grades . Albeit it is hot and humid which is part of the EPIC challenge though only the course on Afton could get me to run in that stuff . Second is to be discovered

Best running experience:
Too numerous to pick . Top: POLAR DASH -8 ; Afton 25k ; Trail Mix 25k; Blue Mound State Park Wi; Big Woods 1/2

Worst running experience:
Waiting to get a multi injuries (non-running related) healed up for over a year so I can get back to running longer than 1 hour and do speed work=aka torture.

Neatest thing found on a run:
Scared a bunny that scared a fisher - fisher ran up the tree scared to death; scared a turkey out of a tree; had a deer slamming by fast then the other buck after him - I was unscathed; saw no flowers on the way out and their first bloom of spring on way back of a 24 mile training run (first flower of spring Upper Midwest), dirt bikers (motor) doing a contest on the frozen lake every late January in MN, running on top of a 6' drift that was rained on then frozen and the plow didn't want to take it off the road, (didn't sink), Got caught out after dark with daylight savings time running in the ethereal, quiet dark on a favorite country road with only foot rhythm and breath

Running related bathroom stop story:
Made a pit stop - slightly itchy. 6 months after snow melt found out it was poison ivy hill he he he

Running pet peeves:
Perseverant Bugs that follow you a long time in the heat looking for your blood when you were enjoying life (horse, deer or black flies-"EW"- give me 20 degrees!). Humidity- it sucks. Lightening in the middle of the run when you are on the top of a hill. Thunderstorms with visible funnel clouds while you are 3 miles from shelter-an issue. Dogs that chase you past their property line and wont respond to anything but pepper spray. Non-exercisers on the side lines that feel it is their civic duty to declare how 'hard on the knees' your activity is while you are marathon training and you just got back from the doctor who said how healthy you are including your joints.. ;)
People who roll their eyes and push super charged junk food on you when they find out you are training for a race.
Wind swept planes with wind gusts blowing -minus 10 that rip your face off- it distracts from the scenery- eyes water up and face winces- RATS! ; the same wind chill when your breath makes ice on the shadowy part of your face and it freezes your face but the sunny side of your face is warm; any running weather that requires covering face so you cant breathe (friggin cold) is very irritating; freezing rain in the middle of a run - kind of slippery; smokers smoking in the crowd while cheering you at mile 24 of a marathon (really??-glad you came out to cheer but could you do that somewhere else and not for me to breathe and run through? ).

Something non running related that no one would guess about me:
I am a super model ( just kidding... )

Other stuff:
If you see a hill run it

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