Chris Grove

Club Member Since 9/7/2007

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

City: Colorado Springs State: CO

Favorite Shoe: TBA Size: 9

Age: 45.8 years old

Marital Status: Married

Family members:
Mischa - Husband
Ginseng - Puppy
Portia - Cat
Behemoth - Cat

What I do for work:
Software Programmer

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
San Jose, CA
Raleigh, NC
Colorado Springs, Co - The mountains, the weather, and the thin air.

When I started running and what got me started:
I started running in 2002 for fitness. I became a runner after I decided to run a 1/2 marathon on 3 weeks training in 2005.

What does running mean to me:
Running is about experiencing the world. The sense achievement when I summit that long hill and the joy when I start barrelling down that hill is unmatchable.

Running accomplishments:
2006 & 2007 Disney World Goofy Challenge
2007 Rocky Mountain Double Marathon

What I like about trail/mountain running:
See what running means to me.

Favorite trail/mountain race and why:
Salida to Turret(Run through Time) Marathon.

Worst running experience:
Breck Crest Marathon 2007.
The race started well and things seemed to be going well until I turned my ankle at the top of the second summit. I had to walk anything remotely technical. Then after the 4th aid station, I turned my ankle AGAIN. 5 minutes later a root and I had a disagreement and I had a nasty wipeout. I walked to the the 5th aid station (~5 miles) then had my husband pick me up. There was only 3 miles left but the race was not FUN.

Running pet peeves:
People who don't pick up or at least move their dog's poop.

Other hobbies and interests:
Movies, video games, and books.

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