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City: Colorado Springs State: CO

Favorite Shoe: Mizuno Wave Inspire Size: 11

Age: 33.6 years old

Marital Status: Single

Family members:
Live very far away from me and scattered across the country.

What I do for work:
I am a Credit Analyst for Ford Motor Credit.

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
Hagerstown, MD
Blacksburg, VA
Colorado Springs, CO - Here now for Fun and adventure

When I started running and what got me started:
I started running when I was 13, older sisters were track stars, I am the one that took it to a higher level.

What does running mean to me:
Everything, silence, relaxation, meditation. Without running I feel unproductive.

Running accomplishments: View my Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon results
Top 50 Boston Marathon '12
Marathon PR 2:30:31 '13
5k PR 15:45
Incline Best 24:50

What I like about trail/mountain running:
The Adventure, and the privilege to be able to see such beautiful places.

Favorite running trail and why:
C&O Canal back in Maryland. Beautiful tree covered trail that is very easy to get lost in the miles.

Favorite trail/mountain race and why:
Boston Marathon, the excitement.

Best running experience:
Boston '12 was a the heat wave year, knowing how to adjust my pace accordingly, being around 200th place half way through and then watching all the elites drop like flys the second half of the race.

Worst running experience:
Mile 38-50 of my first JFK 50 race, I was unprepared to say the least.

Neatest thing found on a run:
I found man one run that at stopped to relieve his bladder from the beer he was drinking while driving. He forgot to set the Parking break and his truck started rolling forwards. In reaching in to stop his vehicle, he got his right arm trapped inside the door and pinned against a tree for several hours. I ran by asking him if he was ok and in his drunken stupor yelled back "No!" It took some doing but I freed him by getting his truck out of the ditch, drove him off the mountain to meet a waiting ambulance. I did all of this in the summer heat, drenched of sweat, and wearing only my running shoes and my shortest of shorts.

Running related bathroom stop story:
Mile 13-14 of the Richmond marathon 2011, I had to make an unscheduled porta-stop #2, I still ran a 6:13 mile.

Running pet peeves:
Double ear headphones.

Other hobbies and interests:
I do mountain bike too.

Other stuff:
I seem to have lost the kind of shape I was in from before I moved to Colorado, working on getting it back now.

I love Movies, Cheeseburgers, and beer, I am really bad at eating like a healthy running, but working at it.

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