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Brenda Willis - you did great on that scale! Good kid!
you did great on that scale! Good kid!

“just keep walking, just keep walking”

City: colorado springs State: co

Favorite Shoe: new balance 1120 Size: 10

Age: 57 years old

Marital Status: blissfully married for 22 years

Family members:
bryan (stud muffin) willis
bryan j willis tiffani willis brittani willis
new puppy jake willis (schnauzer's)
ellie mae willis

What I do for work:

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
colorado native, love the climate and views of the mountains.

When I started running and what got me started:
started walking 3-04, to get rid of unwanted pounds and raise money for my favorite charity the ARC of the pikes peak region.

Read about the Brenda Willis Ultra 100 and my progress:-)

What does running mean to me:
running is something i cannot do at this time because of my weight, however it is something that i look forward to being able to do along with flyin bryan. 7-14-04 I can run, I do run and i love it and i am going to keep doing it because it is the right thing to do!!I walked 10 miles in the GOG and loved it because I finished ( 4 months ago it would have killed me literally!!! we are talking heart attack city here folks. My whole family was with me for support. Bryan Willis and Mike Sandlin finished the race and then ran to me, supported me and went across the first race I have ever run in my life! Yvonne and Kayla were there at the end and were so happy for me. My daughter Tiffani and Roger were my team thru-out the entire race! I love you man!!! Yvonne wanted to be there for the whole race but we couldnt get the baby jogger and Kayla in the race and she and Mommy are my walking partners every Sunday.

Running accomplishments:
finished first place in the husband/wife relay at the incline club of 2002. wives had to run with husbands on their backs. 2004 I ran the GOG ten miles!! Loved it, need it and will do it again in 05! Yeah Baby Yeah! I did the 12K Summer Round Up Trail Run. I finished, sore, hard race, up hills hurt me but the other runners gave much encouragement. Anyone who looked at me knew I had the look of "please let this be the last hill" or I am going to quit! Thanks to all who perpetuated my uphill motion but I never want to see that hill again! Just kidding Matt!!

What I like about trail/mountain running:
i would like to do it. 7-04 I have done it!! Summer round Up Trail Run. It hurt, so it made me stronger and this is all good because i will do it again in 05 and do it better, faster and lighter!! woo-hoo

Favorite running trail and why:
the manitou incline because i can see it from my back deck. The GOG 10 miler because i have only done two runs and the Summer Round Up was definitely not my favorite at this time.

Favorite trail/mountain race and why:
ON AUG 20 one day before the ascent my family and i went up the peak so that Bryan could get altitude adjustment. I walked 13.2 miles down and it only took me 7 hours and three days to be able to walk without limping. SEE YOU ALL at the ascent in 05 cause now that i have come down that big bad boy dog I AM going to go up it with all of you. WOHOO!!!! Watch out Matt!! haha

Best running experience:
running to the bathroom. 7-04 The GOG 10 miler, because I finished and i am still alive to write about it.

Worst running experience:
not making it. 7-04 Not be able to run would be the worst experience, i know in 3-04 i could not walk a mile and now in 7-04 I can walk 10 miles. I hated High drive for about 2 days and then I got over it.

Running related bathroom stop story:

Other hobbies and interests:
fishing,camping, interior decorating, gardening,disco music
7-04 walking fast, working out at my new free membership at curves (thank you Matt and Jennifer Grey) Sunday morning walks with my friends on the incline club. You know who you are!!

Other stuff:
movie "radio", bambinoes pizza, my husbands grilled salmon,
my goal is to lose 100 lbs by 8-29-04 by eating better and walking and at the same time raising pledges for the pounds i shed. 7-04 working out at Curves of Manitou,

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