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Andrea Cichosz

“If at first you don't succeed, try try again!”

City: Colorado Springs State: Co

Favorite Shoe: Adidas Brevard Size: 8.5

Age: 58.1 years old

Marital Status: Happily Married

Family members:
Son Joshua born 1994
Daughter Emily born 1996
Son Sebastian born 1999
Wirehaired Dachshund Otto, my running buddy

What I do for work:
In my past life I was an architect designing coorparate office spaces, now I am a family manager and emergency fill-in at my children's school and my husband's company."Could you just....?"

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
Germany,I lived there for 25 years until I met my husband in San Francisco and ended up moving there. In 1993 we came to the "smaller town". As much as it was an adjustment, Colorado Springs has slowly but surley grown on me and I am not sure I would like to go anywhere else.

When I started running and what got me started:
2002 approaching my 40th birthday it was now or never. I read Joshka Fisher's book "My long run to myself". He is the German foreign minister and used to be rather pudgy. Seeing that I was too, I decided, if he could run a marathon, so could I. So I joined Weight Watcher, lost 47 pounds and ran in the Hamburg marathon.

What does running mean to me:
For at least one hour a day it is just me, the trail, and sometimes the dog. I let the mind wonder and calm down, find solutions to a lot of questions and just have fun.

Running accomplishments: View my Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon results
2003 Hamburg Marathon
2003 Pikes Peak Ascent
2004 Barr Trail Mountain Race

What I like about trail/mountain running:
I used to avoid hills like the plague, so I have to say, the best thing about mountain running is that it is over eventually. But after training with the Incline Club for a while, I am getting better and better at it. Maybe, one day, I'll even enjoy it?

Favorite running trail and why:
I like Barr trail, it is pretty. But I really like the Santa Fe trail, I can leave my house get there in 10 minutes and go as far as I want. No cars involved.

Favorite trail/mountain race and why:
Pikes Peak Ascent, because I can do it.

Best running experience:
When 3 weeks after last years Ascent, my husband was supposed to pick me up after 6.5 miles and he took of because he thought I didn't come, it had rained. I had to run home and was treated to an involuntary half marathon, that felt great.

Worst running experience:
24 miles to Monument and back through the Air Force Acadamy. I didn't figure out until about a month later that the trail is a steady uphill. I almost hitch a ride home.

Neatest thing found on a run:
I find great solutions to my every day problems.

Running related bathroom stop story:
This one goes into cultural differences. You all know how nature sometimes calls urgently when you go running. This happend to me last Christmas in Germany. I could barley walk into a Supermarket, where I asked a sales person to use the bathroom. He goes "It's only for employees and customers". I answered "I know, but I really got to go". He told me no, no, no. I was very close to leaving a little souvenier in front of the doors, but being the nice girl I am, I woobled another 10 minutes to my brother's house.

Running pet peeves:
Very few, but I think it is only courteous to greet one another when hiking or running. I guess I am not to thrilled about being bumped in the shoulder by downhill runners. But nothing to upset me.

Something non running related that no one would guess about me:
I designed one of the very first Websites in 1995 for my husband's company. It was crude, it was ugly it was unsophisticated, but so was everybody else's and we had a site before United Airlines or Disney.

Other hobbies and interests:
Swimming, my beloved cross training. Travel as much as I can. Skiing, not as wild as I used to.Reading in two languages. Computer graphics and Web Design.

Other stuff:
Just like my first marathon, the next one will be at sea level in Münster, Germany in September.

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