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Willie Alexander - You only get cold if you're not running fast enough!
You only get cold if you're not running fast enough!

City: Green Mountain Falls State: CO

Favorite Shoe: Asics GT 2140 Size: 12

Marital Status: Divorced

What I do for work:
I don't work, I play. I'm employed in the metal finishing department of a local company, Qualtek Mfg.

Places I’ve called home and why I like where I am now:
San Jose, Colorado Springs
The view is incredible!

When I started running and what got me started:
1/85. After giving up smoking, I started training for the San Jose Marathon, then changed my mind and trained for the Half Marathon, then changed my mind again and trained for the San Jose 10K.

What does running mean to me:
I love the trails (easy on my feet) and running lets me get where most poeple will never get to (see).

Running accomplishments:
California 49'er and Miwok Double Marathons in the Marin Headlands north of San Francisco; '93 Ironman; '08 24 Hours of Duathlon. Been the bridesmaid at LT100 5 times, and counting. Maybe this year!

What I like about trail/mountain running:
Clean Air, Wildlife

Favorite running trail and why:
Used to be Section 16, but since moving to Green Mountain Falls, I am looking for a new favorite.

Best running experience:
Yet to come!

Worst running experience:
What can be bad about running?

Neatest thing found on a run:
Mercedes Benz tool kit

Running pet peeves:
Not being able to find a good pair of reasonably light shoes that will last more than a couple hundred miles before breaking down; UNLEASHED DOGS!

Other hobbies and interests:
cycling, and officiating triathlons

Other stuff:
Powerbars & Gatorade

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