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Incline Club “R” Reports

Due within two weeks of the race

The “R”ace report came about because a bunch of us were so crazy about collecting our “*”s that we felt guilty when we missed one because of a race. However, because we are a trail and mountain running club we didn’t want any old 5K or road race to count as a club workout. Therefore any club member can get an “R” on the workout board by doing a race that meets one of the following criteria:

    Sunday R
  • Any Sunday trail race 10K or longer
  • Any Sunday road race 10M or longer
  • Any Sunday race that climbs more than 2,000'
  • Any Sunday race that has a point >= 10,000'

  • Any Saturday-Monday trail race half marathon or longer
  • Any Saturday-Monday road race marathon or longer
  • Any Saturday-Monday race that climbs more than 3,000'
  • Any Saturday-Monday race that has a point >= 12,000'

  • Any Saturday-Monday race if out of state
    Thursday R
  • Any Thursday race
  • Any Wednesday-Friday race if out of state
To get the “R” you must have at least one club “*” from the CURRENT year and a race report must be submitted (unless indicated) by using the form below within two weeks of the race.

Races that get automatic credit without submitting an “R” report. However a quick e-mail is requested:

  • Barr Trail Mountain Race - earns a “B”
  • Garden of the Gods 10 Mile - earns a “G”
  • Summer Round-Up 12K - earns an “S”

Races that get automatic credit but an “R” report is requested:

  • Leadville Trail 100 Mile - earns an “L”
  • Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon/Double earns an “A/M/D”

Other ways to get credit with an “R” report:

  • Pacing/crewing at an Ultra - earns an “P” or “C”
  • Volunteering at any race that meets the accepted criteria (see above) - earns an “V”

Again however, no matter if you are volunteering, pacing or racing you must have at least one club “*” from the CURRENT year to get the credit. Otherwise 1,000s of people would be getting credit.

If you are an Incline Club member but your race does not qualify for an “R” we would still like to hear about it and it will go in the club newsletter in the Non-“R” reports section! Just use the same form below.

View “R” Reports

2010 “R” reports - 3 races, 9 reports
2009 “R” reports - 70 races, 159 reports
2008 “R” reports - 68 races, 115 reports
2007 “R” reports - 90 races, 191 reports
2006 “R” reports - 89 races, 218 reports
2005 “R” reports - 75 races, 199 reports
2004 “R” reports - 93 races, 179 reports
2003 “R” reports - 81 races, 156 reports
2002 “R” reports - 49 races, 175 reports
2001 “R” reports - 46 races, 127 reports

IC Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon Reports - 5 years, 230 reports

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