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2009 Incline Club V13 LR #2

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Incline Club V13 LR #2

Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 10:39 PM
Subject: Incline Club News V13 LR #2

Good Evening (or morning) Incline Club!

The first run of the season was perfect IC weather: snow! While not as epic as this year's Pikes Peak Ascent, it was still a lot of fun. While we can't promise the same excellent conditions each week, we can promise a good workout.

Sunday, Dec 7, 8:00AM — Memorial Park
Head out the Ute Pass Trail until it intersects Longs Ranch Road. Take TWO lefts and head UP LRR. Try to smile when you hit Poppa Bear Hill;-) Connect into the Barr Trail at No Name Creek and run back down. Take the J Pipe trail for a shorter run. Add Bobs Road for a longer run.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” — Walt Disney

Carpenter vs Steidl II: The rematch
Live, this Saturday at 5AM PST from the Marin Headlands and Muir Woods National Monument, its the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship. Best of luck to Matt as he goes up against one of the deepest fields in ultra running history.

Details on the race can be found at

For those who forget or don’t make the sign in, we are still allowing for the ‘one degree of separation’ rule again this year. In order to get credit, simply send an email to (e-mail removed to preent spam) with two bits of information: 1) The date that you missed and 2) a list of a couple of IC’ers that saw you on the run. Please send these notices as soon as possible, like as soon as you get home from your run. After a week or so it will be too late to claim your Sunday star. Note that you must name folks who made the sign in (hence the ‘one degree of separation’). You cant list somebody who didn’t make the sign in.

Profile Photos: The profile photos have been posted to Please claim your photo by responding to this email. (I’m 99% sure on a few of them but would rather not look like a total idiot if I happen to be wrong) I will once again have the camera this week to take more photos during the sign in. I’ll pay attention to the shutter speed this time, I promise :-)

White Acres:
Nicki Rosa writes:

Developers are looking to develop the white acres area which is right off of 26th street next to the Red Rocks Open space, Bear Creek Park and Section 16. They are talking about cramming a lot of houses on a small area that if it could be converted to open space would tie all of those other open spaces together, and make an awesome open space for the city. I think the development it is poor use of this land for many reasons.

Currently that land is County land and the developers are trying to get the City to annex the property so that they have access to water and utilities.

A local group has a website that you can visit to sign a petition stating that you are opposed to the annexation. If you are interested please sign it and pass this e-mail on to anyone in the area that may be interested in trying to stop the project.

Once the property is annexed it will be increasingly difficult to stop the development.

Photos from the first run of the season:
Photos of this year's first run are available at

Steve Bremner posted a photo montage at

Weekend Weather Report:
Currently (subject to change without notice), this Sunday morning will be beautiful running weather. Expect the day to start in the high 30’s at 8am, climbing to the mid-40’s by 10am. 50% sky cover and a light wind during this time. At 9000ft, the temps are expected to be in the mid 30’s by 9am, reaching the upper 30’s by 10am.

Suggested Course Overview:
This weeks suggested run is Longs Ranch Road.

The full course is approximately 15 miles with 4000ft of elevation gain and a high point of 9100ft. For those who are not yet up to that distance, common ‘out and back’ distances are as follows:

LRR Intersection: 7 miles & 1000ft of gain
(sorry, as a loop course, once you start LRR, you are sorta stuck. See the maps on the site for a few ‘shortcuts’)

Tips for running in cold weather:
Since winter is upon us for the next 4 months or so, here are a few tips to keep you running happy in the not so warm weather:

1) First and foremost: Don’t forget to drink!. You will not feel as thirsty, so you may need to set a reminder on your watch so that you don’t go too long and dehydrate.

2) Dress in layers. This way you can add and remove as needed.

3) To prevent the hose in the camelback from freezing, wear your jacket over your camelback.

4) Know your limits. You don’t want to bonk on a long run in the middle of nowhere. Once you start to sweat, you need to keep moving until you are done and back in a safe spot. Being soaked from sweat at 9000ft on a sub freezing day is going to result in a rather cold walk home at best and hypothermia if you are not very careful (and a bit lucky). It is better to play it on the conservative side if you are new to running.

5) This is Colorado, expect the weather to change. The hourly weather forecast on the NOAA site can give you a hit if the nice sunny weather you are looking at will turn cloudy and windy in an hour or two. is your friend.

IC BIRTHDAYS: 12/2/2008 — 12/8/2008
Barry Smith:

Chris Cordova:

Dennis Wilson:

Dominic Prince:

Janet Edwards:

Jason Shibata:

Jessica Raab:

Lauren Johnson:

Luis Gonzalez:

Michael Hill:

Mike Cotter:

Robert Crawford:

Scott Hosie:

Shiela Harrell:

Tamsyn Rossi:

NEW IC MEMBERS: 11/26/2008 — 12/1/2008
Arlo Tan:

Beki Asti:

Sam Alvares:

UPDATED ABOUT ME PAGES: 11/26/2008 — 12/1/2008
Daniele Threlfall:

Jared Miller:

Jessica Raab:

John Courtney:

Matt Hopper:

Michael Puig:

Pablo Najera:

Roger Sajak:

Sander Rigney:

Todd Murray:

Tracey Anderson:

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