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2009 Incline Club V13 LR #1

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Incline Club V13 LR #1

Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 10:00 PM
Subject: Incline Club News V13 LR #1

It's time to get started! Turkey (or tofurky) day is tomorrow, and then you will have 2 whole days to recover before the first run of the season!

Upcoming Run:
Waldo Canyon Loop
Sunday, Nov 30th, 8:00AM - Memorial Park
Run out the Ute Pass Trail and take a right and head over to do the Waldo Canyon loop in the clockwise direction. Return via the UPT. 2-3 hours, if it would be longer do an out/back.

Quote of the Week:
  It has to start somewhere.
  It has to start sometime.
  What better place than here?
  What better time than now?
    --Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine: Guerrilla Radio)

Editor Introduction:
Hi, my name is John Garner and I'll be your newsletter editor for the 2009 season (and beyond if I don't mess it up too much).

The gory details on my life can be found on my IC page, but please note that there is no 'd' in my last name. Thus, make sure you don't go to John Gardner's profile instead (unless you have a complaint, then feel free to send it to him :-)

News & Notes:

Since this is the first newsletter of the season, here are few reminders and other things of note:

1) Due to past issues, please do not bring your dog to the IC runs. If you absolutely have to bring the four footed one, please wait 10 or so minutes after the rest of the group departs before you start.

2) In the past, folks who could not make it at 8am for the regular run could leave a note on the trashcan and still get credit for that Sunday's run. The idea was that if there was an occasional timing issue, folks could still get their Sunday *'s. The problem was that there were a few folks who used the system that nobody ever saw. Thus, this year there will be a slight modification: "Real" members can make use of the 'leave a note' system. Virtual Members cannot. Thus, you have to show up to a run and sign in at least once before you can use the system.

3) The first run of the year is also club picture day! In addition to the regular group photo, I'll be available to take photos for anybody wishing to have a photo added to their IC profile page. This is a great chance to have a photo taken before the run so that you don't look like a zombie with snot coming out of your nose (like 90% of the 'action shots' that currently adorn the site). Photos will be emailed to you for 'proofing' before they are posted to the site to make sure I didn't switch anything around.

4) Depending on your ISP, the newsletter may be flagged as spam. Contact your email provider for details on how to make sure that this does not happen to you.

Weather Report:
Currently, the weather service is calling for 22 Deg F, 10+ mph winds w/ 66% cloud cover to start the Sunday Run. Its not going to get much better than that during the run so please don't show up in shorts and a t-shirt.

Suggested Course Overview:
This weeks suggested run is Waldo Canyon.

The full course is approximately 15 miles with 3000ft of elevation gain and a high point of 8100ft. For those who are not yet up to that distance, common 'out and back' distances are as follows:

LRR Intersection: 7 miles & 1000ft of gain
Start of the Waldo Loop: 11.5 miles & 2000ft of gain
Bail Trail: Approx 9 miles. (Don't try this unless you are with somebody who knows where they are going)

Notes for First Time Runners:
Based on my own experiences as a new runner when I joined the club 2 years ago, I crafted the following 8 'rules' to make sure we see you on the 39th run of the season (and not drop out after the 3rd or 4th due to injury):

Rule #0: Don't try and 'get in shape' before you start running with the club. It is better to show up and do a shorter version than to wait until later on in the year. There are lots of folks who walk a good bit of the route, so you don't need to be a 'runner' either.

Rule #1: When you are starting out, do not go out for more than the shorter time of the two: 2x your longest run during the week or 1/2 of your weekly training volume. If you don't have a weekly training volume (i.e., the IC runs are your only runs), then you want to start at 30 to 45 minutes and also start adding some more workouts during the week. Any cardo during the week counts: be it riding a bike, swimming, or, heaven forbid, watching Oprah while running on a treadmill.

Rule #2: When looking at your training volume, measure time, not distance. Section 16 and Barr Camp are similar distances, but one has some extra elevation involved. It would not be advisable to jump from one to the other too quickly.

Rule #3: Increase your weekly distance slowly. At the most, add 1/2 an hour every two weeks or so to the time you spend on the trail. Also increase your in-week training volume to match what you do on Sunday morning. Do not attempt to rush it. Doing so will lead to injury. Injury leads to pain, pain leads to missing runs and that, my fellow IC'ers, results in poor times in your next race. If you still feel wiped out from your Sunday run on Tuesday, do not add any time the next week. Do not worry, there will come a day all too soon when you can do the full 'run'.

Rule #4: Do not attempt to keep up with Matt or anybody else who is still talking to Matt after more than 5 minutes into a run. Trust me on this one.

Rule #5: If you are out for more than 60 minutes, please bring water. If you are out more than 2 hours, please bring something to eat or use gatorade. Once you get used to the longer times and learn how your body reacts, you can adjust those times up and down. Personally, I bring 16oz of gatorade for every hour I expect to be out. That leaves me with enough left over after the run to help with my recovery. Based on your size, you may want to bring more or less. When in doubt, bring more than you think you will need.

Rule #6: Walking can be faster than running. I've passed "runners" while walking uphill before. Everybody has a crossover speed at which you will actually go faster if you stop running and start walking. Do your best to find these times.

Rule #8: Have fun. If you don't end a run with a big smile on your face, then you went out too long or fast.

Following these simple "rules" (until you have the experience to know when to ignore them) will result in you having a great time on your IC runs. This will prevent you from becoming a "one star junkie." More importantly, it will help you slowly build your base so that you don't injure yourself from doing too much too fast.

IC BIRTHDAYS: 9/1/2008 - 9/30/2008
Ben Hofmann:
Bob Jones:
Brenda Cowell:
Carl Nelson:
Chuck Moore:
Cindy Amoruso:
Craig Burbank:
Daniel Solinski:
Danielle Duenas:
Dave Philipps:
David Wood:
Don Shearer:
Eddie Baxter:
Elaine Wright:
Fred Baxter:
George Zack:
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James Burton:
Jamie McMillin:
Jason Jungbauer:
Jasper Howald:
Joe Cowell:
Joe Giordano:
John Powell:
Karen Smidt:
Karl Schab:
Kathy Porter:
Katie Throndsen:
Ken Kowalski:
Kristin Hillmann:
Libby Jennison:
Lloyd Takeshita:
Margaret Everson:
Margaret L Cox:
Martin Toetz:
Mike Alto:
Mike Wilkinson:
Ovetta Sampson:
Paul Niewinski:
Paula Lujan:
Rebecca Steven:
Rick Susak:
Russ Hartley:
Sarah Altonen:
Sarah Miller:
Shannon Votruba:
Sheila Huss:
Thom Santa Maria
Tim Steffens:
Tracy Hankinson:

IC BIRTHDAYS: 10/1/2008 - 10/31/2008
Alan Taylor:
Alex Forsett:
Alex Kipkosgei:
Billy Krause:
Cary Tannery:
Chad Johnson:
Charles Scheibe:
Chelsie Cate:
Christy Selvig:
Cole Gonnella:
Craig Hafer:
Dan Adams:
Daniel Kurschner:
Daniele Threlfall:
Danika Blessman:
Dave Artusi:
Dave O'rourke:'rourke
Debbie Dingman:
Devin Allen:
Eck Zimmermann:
Elliott Davis:
Eric Peterson:
Fredrich Schrank:
Gary Hellenga:
Gordon Neal:
Greg Bourns:
Greg Voelkel:
Harold Hatch:
Helena HoTseung:
Ina Meyer:
James Dikes:
Janet Lischer:
Janie Anderson:
Jeff Jardell:
Jim Parry:
John Mills:
Jon Magistro:
Jonas Hedlind:
Jonathan Gear:
Jordan Israel:
Karen Stone:
Keith Wilson:
Kimberly Helgerson:
Kristin Jossi:
Lance Thibault:
Larry Haney:
Laura Engleman:
Lori Hawkins:
Lourdes Parra:
Maria McGee:
Mark Jakusovszky:
Neal Taylor:
Peggy Oreskovich:
Peter N:
Rick Barfield:
Robin Sapien:
Roy Fatur:
Ryan Kohler:
Ryleigh Walter:
Sara Wulfkuhle:
Sarah Neumann:
Shannon Galpin:
Stephanie Riedel:
(About Me page was not filled out)
Stephanie Wiecks:
Steve Baker:
Steve Vanderleest
Tim Virgo:
William Keller:
Yvonne Carpenter:

IC BIRTHDAYS: 11/1/2008 - 11/30/2008
Aaron Briggs:
Alan Ley:
Alana Podratz:
Alonzo DeBerry:
Arnel Bueno:
Barry Oelrich:
Bill Olson:
Brian Peterson:
Cami Benge:
Cassandra Johnson:
Christopher Hahs:
Cory Leppert:
Daiva Cooper:
David Fahrbach:
Don Bartow:
Elizabeth Helland:
Ellen Fisher:
Erin Tatum:
Gavin Attwood:
Gina Harcrow:
Hank Carey:
Ivette Gallegos:
Jack Ramsey:
Jackie Nunes:
Jackie Tanaka:
Jared Veteto:
Jazmin Beattie:
Jesse Grizzle:
John Garner:
Justin Chaston:
Karen Brandenburg:
Kenny McMenimen:
Kimberly Neyens:
Kori Schaulis:
(About Me page was not filled out)
Larry Cohen:
Mary Begemann:
Matt Isaack:
Micky Simpson:
Natascha V-D-Molen:
Nick Hartlep:
Opus Veres:
Paul Sullivan:
Rachel DeHerrera:
Reggie Barrett:
Richell Carmichael:
(About Me page was not filled out)
Rochelle Stratton:
Sasha Underwood:
Shawn Finley
Shawn LaCroix:
Steve Pero:
Tamara Rogers:
Teresa Ashour:
Terje Goldston:
Tom Kelecy:
Tracy Tarpley:
Vikki Thompson:

IC BIRTHDAYS: 12/1/2008 - 12/2/2008
Barry Smith:
Dennis Wilson:
Jason Shibata:
Jessica Raab:
Marcus Corbett:
Michael Hill:

NEW IC MEMBERS: 8/30/2008 - 11/25/2008
Alex Kipkosgei:
Amy Schneider:
(About Me page was not filled out)
Arnel Bueno:
Austin Cooley:
(About Me page was not filled out)
Chris Cordova:
Corey Barringer:
Dan Young:
Daniele Threlfall:
Dwayne Gibson:
Floyd Grant:
(About Me page was not filled out)
Greg Stock:
J Horn:
Janet Lischer:
Jeff Jardell:
Jennifer Stock:
Jessica Raab:
Lisa Troisi:
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Lourdes Parra:
Ramon Macias:
Ryan McWhorter:
Shawn Aker:
Susan Campbell:
Suzette Kynor:
(About Me page was not filled out)
Terry Jordon:
Tracy Hankinson:
Tracy Tarpley:

UPDATED ABOUT ME PAGES: 8/30/2008 - 11/25/2008
Anita Bower:
Antonio Eppolito:
Cindy Thompson:
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Danio Gracin:
Dave Philipps:
David Meron:
Elizabeth Ahola:
Erin Tatum:
Gary Smedley:
Jesus Jimenez:
John Garner:
John Mills:
Jordan Israel:
Julie O'Neill:'Neill
Kathleen Perkins:
Kees Guijt:
kelly mckenna:
Kevin Kinser:
Larry Rosenkranz:
Lee Rhodes:
Lori Hawkins:
Luke Cammack:
Martin Toetz:
Matt Carpenter:
Matt Hopper:
Michael Everson:
Rienet Vanderlinde:
Rob Crawford:
Robert Crawford:
Rochelle Stratton:
Ross Crutchfield:
Ryan Kohler:
Sasha Underwood:
Steve Vanderleest:
Timothy Edwards:
Tom McKernan:

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