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2008 Incline Club News V12 - Start of New Season!!

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Incline Club News V12 - Start of New Season!!

Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2007 7:55 AM
Subject: Incline Club News V12 — Start of New Season!!

Good morning, ICers —

Well it’s *that* time of year again — hopefully you’ve had a substantial ‘off’ season and are mentally and are ready to pull those running shoes out and start putting them to the trails again. Yes, that’s right — it’s time to get ready for the 12th season of the Incline Club!

Welcome to ‘Newbies’
If you are a new Incline Club member, you probably already know that The Incline Club is a trail running club that welcomes motivated runners of all abilities (walkers and hikers, too). There is a very good chance that you will find someone at or near your pace at our weekly runs. So don’t be shy, come on out for as many runs as you are able, or just live vicariously through the weekly newsletters (you’ll probably learn a thing or two just by reading.). The club FAQs might be a helpful first read for you:

Reminder to ‘Oldbies’
Welcome back to another season! Please take a minute to update your “About Me” pages. Some things that change from year to year are PRs, goals, e-mail addresses, family status, and running stories. You can also update your photos by replying to the sender of this newsletter. (Please be patient since photos are manually updated, it sometimes takes a while! We’ll get to them as soon as possible. )

The Newsletter
Will come out on Wednesday of every week, and will let you know what is coming up for club runs, all the latest in club news, race reports, calendars and more. If for some reason you are unable to receive newsletters, you can always check the club website for upcoming runs, archived newsletters, message board, and more. To submit a newsletter item, go here:

So When IS the First Run of the Season?
First run of the Season will be Sunday, Nov. 25, 8:00am — starting from Manitou’s Memorial Park. Details will come in the Wednesday newsletter!

Train hard and smart!


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