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Trail Maps and Descriptions

Ute Pass Trail/Longs Ranch Road/Barr Trail
UPT/LRR/BT After Ruxton you meet “kill hill” — the first of many hills on the Ute Pass Trail. If they make it to Longs the newbies like to boast that it’s not as bad as they heard until they hit the wall — a series of hills we call the 3 bears. On your descent you will run by the experimental forest and join the Barr Trail at No Name Creek. This is where you realize you still have a long way to go before you can take that afternoon nap. This run is responsible for more “one star junkies” than any other! UPT/LRR/BT

Waldo Canyon
Waldo Canyon A classic that’s on many top trail lists. Never too steep with lots of variations in scenery make this “lollipop” loop almost enjoyable. So what’s it doing on an IC list? Did we mention we start in Manitou and run the 4 miles to it and the 4 miles back via the Ute Pass Trail. This forces many to take the emergency exit we call the “Bail Trail” down through Williams Canyon straight back to their car. Of course that will not help you once we start running Longs Ranch Road AFTER doing both Ute and Waldo! Waldo

Rampart Range Road/Williams Canyon
RRR/Williams Canyon/Waldo/UPT After all the steep stuff Rampart Range Road feels downright flat! Of course since we go by time this means you will have to run a lot farther. Most of the run you can see your bail point — the antenna off in the distance. It never seems to arrive but when it does you will be glad because the sound of the Rampart Range Road shooting range is getting ever louder. The run through Williams canyon can be breathtaking if you can lift your eyes off of the rocky trail long enough to look. An 80 foot waterfall traverse is the last obstacle on your way down to the Williams Canyon Road that will deposit you back at your car. RRR/Williams

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Section 16 from Mantiou Springs
Section 16 from Soda Springs Park We started doing this run when the Forest Service shut down most of the other trails for a month due to the extreme fire danger. We ended up getting a great run and now it is one of our regular early season runs. Starts out on the roads with a steady uphill climb. Then the views get downright awesome before you climb one steep momma of a hill. From there on out it is some of the finest gentle downhill running in the area. On the way back you will be glad the first hill was not any steeper as you descend back into town. You finish with a fairly flat section on the roads which serves as a nice cooldown. Section 16 from Manitou Springs

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