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2002 season

2001 Season

159 Thursday runners
225 Sunday runners
284 different runners
60 club workouts and events
2,826 *’s
86 B’s and V’s at the Barr Trail Mountain Race
79 P’s at the year end party
77 R’s for different Races
56 A’s at the Pikes Peak Ascent
30 G’s at the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile run
29 M’s at the Pikes Peak Marathon
9 D’s who did the PPA/M double
6 L’s who did Leadville
6 p’s who paced at Leadville
3,204 total or 53.38 people per workout or 11.28 workouts per person
2000 season: 2,542 total or 42.35 people per workout or 8.28 workouts per person.

Thursdays in a row – Andy K, Brenda C, Fred W, Gordon B, Jonathan C, Matt C, Mike F, Neal O, Rick H, Yvonne C: 21 - perfect attendance
Sundays in a row – Brenda C, Matt C, Mike F, Yvonne C: 39 - perfect attendance
People on a Thursday run: 57
Club runs in a row – Brenda C, Matt C, Mike F, Yvonne C: 60 - perfect attendance
People at a post-run breakfast: 61
People on a Sunday run: 72
People at a party: 79
People at a club event: 96
People at a race – Barr Trail Mountain Race: 101
People on the e-mail list: 307

Incline Club Sunday Workouts1
The 2001 season

Brenda C     *********************************B****A39
Matt C       *********************************B****D39
Mike F       *******************************R*B****M39
Yvonne C     *********************************V****M39
Kees G        ******************R********G***RB****A38
Connilee W   ***** **************R******R*****B****M38
Larry M      *R******************************RV* **V38
Gordon B       **************************G****B****A37
Fred W        **************** **********G***RB****A37
Rick H       *R************ ************** ***B****M37
Kelli L      **** *****************R*****G**R*B* ** 36
Paul S       ******************* * ********  *B****?35
Teresa T      **** ********************R**** *V ***p35
Kevin B      ****************************G**    ***A35
Craig B        **** ******  ******************B****D34
Glen A       ** ****  *******************G**  B****A34
Neal T        **** ***** **************R**** *V ***L34
John M        ******** * * ************* ***R*B ***p33
Dave S       *R******** ****************RG***    * M33
Tom K              *********** ********* G***RV****D31
Jonathan C    R**** ***  ** * ** ******R***R**B*** M31
Keith G       **************** ******* *  **  V ** L30
Laura K            * ***** **  ********* G***RV****M28
Anita B       ****** ** ** **  *R* *****R * * B*** D28
Brett P      ***    *** ********************  B    p28
Val S        ******* * * *******************        28
John Ge       **** **** *** *** **** *  *G*R *B*   A27
Mike L       **** *  ****** *  * ********G** RB  *  27
Louise E           ********* ** **** ** *G***RB *  M26
David W      **R   * **R*****  ***** ** R*    V* * L25
Jennie P     ***         ** * ***********  * *B** *A24
Craig H       * * *R**   R R    *R ****RR *** BR* *D24
Andy D        *** * * *****  *         ****R** **R*A23
Steve B      * *** *R *R*R  * * * **R* R* *      **M23
Scott L      ** ** ******* ******  ** ** * *        23
Gordon N            ***** *R* ***R** ** *  R  B*  *M22
Richard B                ************  *** ***B ** M22
Rick P                 *************** *** *     * L21
Keith L      ** * R*   ** ** ** *   *****   *R *   A21
Randy L       **    ***** ***   ***** * **  * *    M21
Jim L        ************R***  *  *   *  G    B     21
Don R         ******    * *   ** ** *****G *  B     20
Valerie P          *  **** *     *  ** ** * **B****A20
Kim K                  **** ********** *** *     * L20
Jamie M      *R *** *  * * * * * * * ****G*        M20
Debbi M           **   ****   ***  * ******** B     19
Stu N         ***** ** ***** *  *    ** *  **       19
Bob M        ***   ***   ***** ** *    *       * **A19
Bill R           *          ********* ** G* *  ** *M19
Andy K          *  *     * *** *** *** **G**  B    A19
Darryl B     **** ***** * *   ** * *  **   *       A19
Steve S        ** *   *         R  *  ***G***RB*  *M18
Linda R      *  **   * ** *** *  *   ** *G*  RB     18
Lynn H       *     *    * **   *   * ** *R  * V*  *A16
Ben C                            * ******G** *B**** 16
Joe C                               *** ******B****A15
Dan T                        * *** * * *  ****B*  *A15
Debbi B                      ** ***  * *** * *B* * A15
Lon R                            *** ****G*** B**  A15
Carol S        ** *    R **R * * *       R *  B *  L15
Robert R     *      ********     *   *   G*   B     14
Glenn G                               ******R*B** *M13
Robin F       *          *     *    * **   **R *** M13
Jim H                      *   ** **** **   * B  * M13
John O       *      *    *      *** *****G       *  13
Neal O       *                          R**** B****D12
Lindsay R                      * **  *   *  **B*** A12
Mat E                                 * * *** B****A11
Jack R                        * * *  *   G *  B** *A11
Tim E        ******         **            *      * D11
Michele W                 **   ** ** *  *   * B    A11
Alex H             *    * *    *   * ** * *    *  * 11
Kirk M       * ******  ****                         11
Eric G                               * *** ** B* * p10
Laila H        * *  R  R      *     R  R       R * M10
Howard B                     ** ***  * *  *    *   A10
Gary H             *      *    *     *  *R* * B   * 10
Mike D                                  ***  *B*** M9
Eryn L                                *** ***  * * A9
Marc W         **  *     **    * *      *          A9
Jim F                                     ****V * *A8
Al A                               *****      B *  A8
Jared K      *  *****                         B    A8
Todd M       **   *RR***                            8
Tim A                           *    *   G*   B*   A7
Phyllis D     ***         **                  B    A7
Fred C                             *** *  * *      A7
Chris D                               ***G*    * *  7
Anthony S      *       ****     *        G          7
Kelly E                    *  *       *         ** M6
Doug L       R     R                          V* * D6
Tim F         *   *        *   *               *   A6
Brenda W                                *  **RB    M6
Brian E                                 * *** B    A6
Dan A                                  **  ** B    M6
Ramsay R        * *  * *                  *        A6
Annemarie W     ** * *                    R        A6
John G       ****                        G         p6
Kenn L       **   R*                   *    *       6
Sarah Hw      *  *****                              6
Todd E                                       *  ***M5
Yvonne S                                   *  B  **M5
Bev Z                                    *    B ** A5
Sue L                     *                *  B  * A5
Nicki R                        *         *    B  * *5
Phil F           *                       G    B  * A5
Hans Z                     * R                B *  A5
Elizabeth A               **     *        *        A5
Joy G               **  *                 *        A5
Bob Mi                  ****    *                   5
Bryan R            *** **                           5
Kevin A      ***  *  *                              5
Roger S       **** *                                5
Eck Z                                    *      ** A4
Pete T                             *        * B    M4
Dan V                 *                     * B    A4
Brad B                                *   *   B    D4
Alex C                                    ***   *   4
Scott R                           *  **        R    4
Christa L    *                           G *  B     4
Sean T         **  *             *                  4
Steve M                                          **p3
Steve Sc                                       *  *A3
Peter H                                      *   * A3
Richard D                                    *B    A3
Tim B                                    *    B    A3
Tamara R         *                            B    A3
Frank R                                     **     A3
Anna D                   *              *          A3
William P                          * *             A3
CJ M                                       *     ** 3
Laura M                                * *    B     3
Stephen M                    *        *       B     3
Scott G         *                   *         B     3
Corinne M                               ***         3
Jonathan F                            **  *         3
Garrett E    **                           *         3
Rich H         **                  *                3
Dee K                       ***                     3
Lonnie F                    ***                     3
Susan W           ***                               3
Trent B      ** *                                   3
JD V                                           *   M2
Diane C                               *            A2
Marty C      *                                     A2
Mike M                                         **   2
Jim B                                        * *    2
Dave T                                    *   B     2
Marianne F                                *   B     2
Nancy A          *                            V     2
Dave R                                    *  R      2
Sharon S                                *   *       2
Levi B          *                         *         2
Teresa S                                **          2
Ron C                                 * *           2
Jason B         *                   *               2
Greg A          *            *                      2
John Me                   **                        2
Jeff M               *  *                           2
Kyle P                **                            2
Dan K         *        *                            2
Scott Ca          * *                               2
Paul B            **                                2
Angie W       * *                                   2
Kim G                                              M1
Matt V                                             A1
Mari S                                             A1
Charlene A                                        * 1
David S                                           * 1
Cindy O                                          *  1
Elliot S                                         *  1
Joe Co                                           *  1
Bonnie V                                        *   1
JD H                                            *   1
Holly R                                         *   1
Becky W                                        *    1
Cindy K                                        *    1
Dave M                                         *    1
Greg L                                         *    1
Jeff B                                         *    1
Kevin S                                        *    1
Emily F                                       V     1
Pat D                                         B     1
David H                                      *      1
Karen K                                    *        1
Diane Cu                                  *         1
Kurt B                                    *         1
Mike Di                                   *         1
Cydney C                                *           1
Evie B                                  *           1
Terri C                                 *           1
Ben M                                 *             1
Adam S                               *              1
Ryan W                               *              1
Steve L                             *               1
Norm F                            *                 1
Robin K                          *                  1
Gary S                          *                   1
Tom H                         *                     1
Alan D                       *                      1
Lisa G                       *                      1
DJ E                        *                       1
Catherine S               *                         1
Erin D                   *                          1
Jeff An                  *                          1
Tito C                   *                          1
Greg S                  *                           1
Rita K               *                              1
Suzanne H           *                               1
Carol B            *                                1
Bob O             *                                 1
Kris G            *                                 1
Larry R           *                                 1
Steve G           *                                 1
Jeff A           *                                  1
Jerry J          *                                  1
Jim Lo           *                                  1
Roger Sa         *                                  1
David N         *                                   1
Lynn P          *                                   1
Bruce M      *                                      1
George G     *                                      1
Ingrid M     *                                      1
Robert O     *                                      1
Scott C      *                                      1

A: Pikes Peak Ascent
B: Barr Trail Mountain Race
D: PPA/M  Double
G: Garden of the Gods 10 Mile
L: Leadville 100 mile race
M: Pikes Peak Marathon
R: Race - 2001 “R” reports
V: Volunteer
1 Ordered by # of runs. Ties broken by most recent run and then by the # of runs in a row. After that the names appear in alphabetical order.

Incline Club Thursday Workouts1
2001 season

Protocol # 12312312312312TR231TP
Andy K     ********************P21
Brenda C   ********************P21
Fred W     ********************P21
Gordon B   ********************P21
Jonathan C ********************P21
Matt C     ********************P21
Mike F     ********************P21
Neal O     ********************P21
Rick H     ********************P21
Yvonne C   ********************P21
Connilee W  *******************P20
Kees G      *******************P20
Pete T     ********* * ********P19
Valerie P  * * * **************P18
Kelli L    ************ *** ** P18
Louise E   ************* ****  P18
Larry M       ************** **P17
Lynn H     ********  *** *** ** 16
Keith G    ******* **  ******* P17
Jennie P   * *  * ** **********P16
Lindsay R   *** ***   *********P16
Tom K      ******     *********P16
Dan T       * *****  * ******** 15
Bill R     *****  *  ******* ** 15
John Ge    *******   *******  *P16
Brett P    ***************      15
Anita B      ****** **  * *****P15
Joe C      ********** *     ***P15
Randy L    ***  ******** * R  *P15
Lon R      *  * **** *** ***  *P14
Kim K      **** * ** ** *** *  P14
Mat E            *******  *****P13
Gordon N   * *   ****  * **** *P13
Andy D            ******** * **P12
Robin F    *  *** *    ** **** P12
Debbi B       ** * *  *******   11
Pat D      * *****  *****       11
Matt V     **** ****  *      *  10
Rick P          * ** ** *****  P11
Teresa S        *** **** * **   10
Phil F     ** *  **  * ** **    10
Jim F                 *********P10
Craig H        ****  ****    * P10
Kelly E    * * ** *   * ** *    9
Eric G           ** * ****    * 8
Laura K               ******** P9
Steve B    * **   ** **      * P9
Jim E      ** ** *   *    **    8
Glen A               * ** * *** 7
Mike L          *****       * * 7
Debbi M            * ** ****   P8
Ben C           ** * ** *  *    7
Daniel A           * ****    * P7
Jack P     ** *  *   *     *    6
Brian E            *****  *     6
Jamie M    ****  **             6
Levi B                 ***   ** 5
Bryan W                  *****  5
David H                  *****  5
Kevin W    *     **       **    5
Craig B       *  *    *       *P5
JD V                      **** P5
Kevin B    *              * ** P5
Stephen M     *        *  * *   4
Annemarie W * *    *       *   P5
Steve S          *   **   *    P5
Brad B          **   * *        4
Fred C         **    * *        4
Angie W     * * *      *        4
Robert R         ****          P5
Kenn L      * **   *            4
Michele W  * * *  *             4
Val S        ** * *            P5
Keith L    ** **                4
Bonnie M   ****                 4
David G    ****                 4
Kim G      ****                 4
David W                  *  ** P4
Mide D                    ** *  3
Laura M              *    *  * P4
Laila B           **         * P4
Mike M                    ***   3
Jared K         *  *  *         3
Joy G         *   *  *          3
Al A          *  **             3
Ben K         *  **             3
Tim A       ***                 3
Jonathan P                   * P2
Stan L               *         P2
Alex H          *              P2
Paul S          *              P2
Linda R     *                  P2
Kathleen M                  **  2
Jeff W       *              *   2
Tamara R      *            *    2
Marilyn T               **     P3
Brenda W               * *      2
David R              * *        2
Corinne M         **            2
Jim H             **            2
Mike A           **             2
Bill P       *   *              2
Tim E         **                2
Scott L     **                  2
Alex C                         P1
Cereta G                       P1
Bianca C                       P1
Daniel A2                      P1
Daniel Ad                      P1
Dave T                         P1
David S                        P1
Diane C                        P1
Don R                          P1
Gary H                         P1
Glenn G                        P1
Hans Z                         P1
Jack R                         P1
Jacquie O                      P1
John O                         P1
Karen S                        P1
Madison L                      P1
Max A                          P1
Michelle R                     P1
Mike D                         P1
Neal T                         P1
Randy J                        P1
Sarah W                        P1
Teresa T                       P1
Tim F                          P1
Scott R                       * 1
Garrett E                    *  1
Nathan E                     *  1
Sree B                       *  1
Diane H                    *    1
Matt M                     *    1
Mike P                     *    1
Tina G                     *    1
Larry G                  *      1
Caro R                  *       1
Dario H                 *       1
Emily F                 *       1
Kyle G                  *       1
Bev Z                  *        1
Eck Z                  *        1
Chris C                *        1
Alan J                *         1
Bob Mi                *         1
David B              *          1
Chandra L         *             1
Frank R           *             1
Stephen S         *             1
Tim B             *             1
Christa L        *              1
Perl S          *               1
Carol S       *                 1
John G       *                  1
Scott S      *                  1
Kevin S     *                   1
Bob M      *                    1
                    Workout protocols
1: 30 minutes alternating 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy
   from Hydro Street
2: Tempo run from Hydro Street to No Name Creek or 30
   minutes whichever comes first
3: 10 repeats of Hwy 24 bypass or 40 minutes whichever
   comes first
T: Some kind of taper run
R: Some kind of recovery run
P: Party:-) Incline Club party is counted in ranking
1 Ordered by # of runs. Ties broken by most recent run and then by the # of runs in a row. After that the names appear in alphabetical order.

8/23/2001 The IC party record was SMASHED by about 25 people when at least 79 showed and that is not even counting another 10 or so spouses and children who forgot to sign in. 44 club members came to 30 or more workouts for the year thus earning the coveted IC award. The driven award was awarded to those that went the whole year without missing a workout; Brenda C, Mike F and Yvonne C. Also the IC Leadville 100 runners were presented with a special cake to celebrate their great races. All and all it looks like we are going to need to check into a larger facility for next year. However wherever we go needs to have easy outdoor access because two of the younger ICers took on the Milk Challenge. Suffice it to say that the lawn was fertilized! With that the Incline Club is now in off season mode — see you on the last Sunday in November!

8/18&19/01 The IC took home 10 more top 10s and 3 more 11th place spots! In all there were 56 of us who did the Ascent, 29 who did the Marathon and 9 who did the double!

8/16/2001 The final workout of the 2001 season was taper run and time check to either Ruxton Avenue for the Ascenters or Hydro Street for the Marathoners. Many did the ultimate taper and stayed home resulting in just 36 runners for today’s run. Nine months of work gets put to the test this weekend.

8/12/2001 47 went for an easy run on Pikes Peak as part of the pre PPA/M taper. Most just ran down to the 2 mile sign and back up. After that a large number of us put in a lot of time upgrading the final switch-back and turn-around/finish area. This should really help things come race day!

8/9/2001 49 of us made the final hard workout of the season:-) Even that was reduced to 20 minutes of 1 minute hard 1 minute easy instead of 30. There were no Hydro Street hills today as well. From here on out it is taper time:-)

8/5/2001 63 ICers were all over Pikes Peak again today. Quite a few more starting from the top but still the majority came in from Elk Park. A few diehards are still going from the bottom as well. Some nasty storm clouds both to the East and the West had the trail work crew doing garbage near the top so we could get out of there fast. About 25 minutes after we left I was told the thunder and lightning was booming and flashing (at the same time) and the Summit House even asked it’s visitors to stay inside! Of course we were long gone by then:-)

8/2/2001 A little rain did not keep 43 of us from do the evil Hwy 24 bypass road for 40 minutes. In fact it kind of cooled things off for a welcome change. Skippies and kneelifts in the park finished the day. Only one more hard Thursday to go:-)

7/29/2001 The Barr Trail saw 51 Incline Clubbers today most of whom started from Elk Park. A large group of us concentrated our trail maintenance efforts on the rocky section above the Cirque. It is getting nice through there. Also Friends of the Peak has contractors working on the section around the Bottomless Pit sign and the Pikes Peak Marathon Committee had a group working on the 3rd mile from the top which is their adopted mile. All and all a lot of trail work is getting done and many of us agree the trail is in the best shape it is has ever been in!

7/26/2001 53 did a 30 minute tempo run up the Barr Trail from Hydro Street. The recent rain made for perfect footing on the trail and several set all time PRs. It was good to be back to hard training after the last 3 weeks of either tapering, racing or recovering. Even the Hydro Street Hill repeats once again finished off the day.

7/22/2001 59 people, most of whom started from Elk Park, made their way up the mountain today. 8 of us went on a Bottomless Pit GPS truck recon and while there also found the mine that I have been wanting to find for years. It was a great weather day and after the run many did a least one bag with others working on the trail. As usual however the weather changed and we got out of there!

7/19/2001 There were 49 of us today. Those of who raced the BTMR did a recovery run of 15 minutes of 1 minute easy, 1 minute harder. The rest did 30 minutes.

7/15/2001 86 ICers either ran or volunteered at the 2nd annual Barr Trail Mountain Race. Some great times were turned in with 7 top 10s, 7 more top 20s and about 35 placing in age-groups. It was awesome to see so many Incline Club T-shirts:-)

7/12/2001 46 of us did a small time-check tempo run from the start of the BTMR to the end of the first switch-back. I was odd indeed to finish a Thursday feeling this fresh:-)

7/8/2001 While a bunch of the club was running (and kicking butt) at the Summer Trail Round Up 12K 33 of us were running on Pikes Peak. Some major trail construction was done on our top mile. Several of us started at the mile marker and worked our way up the trail. We made good progress on the really rocky section on the big traverse. Meanwhile up top a bunch more garbage was collected and removed from the top. Finally the last of the snow was gone from the Barr Trail:-)

7/5/2001 47 started a 30 minute tempo run from the BTMR start line so we could get our splits down before the race next weekend. Most of us also worked a 5-10 minute section of downhill hard as well. Of course Hydro hill repeats finished off the workout.

7/1/2001 49 were all over Pikes Peak again with Elk Park being the main route. There were only 7 steps in snow the whole way and that was mostly gone by the time we finished working on the trail. 19 of us worked our way over our mile doing rock removal and covered 3/4ths of it. As usual a bunch more of old garbage was hauled off! It is looking really good — especially for this early in the year — proof that last year’s work paid off.

6/28/2001 52 did 30 minutes of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy up the Barr Trail. Several then worked on some downhill speed before doing 5 X the Hydro Street hill. This was one of the warmer days we have had but that did not stop some from blowing away their PRs. Four people tied the club record today for the number of club runs in a row - 44!

6/24/2001 60 of us ran on the Barr Trail from three different directions. 10 or so from the bottom, 5 or so from the top and the rest from Elk Park. Elk Park is in perfect condition and as planned it was great to get to Barr Camp feeling fresh after the run over on the mostly flat trail. From there several set all-time PRs from Barr Camp to the summit. After that the biggest workdays ever put on by the IC took place with 26 of us working on our adopted section. About 10 went for the garbage detail while the rest of us worked our way down the trail clearing and moving rocks. Several of the smaller switch-backs near the top were made a good bit wider and were smoothed out and a lot of clearing was done down to the Fred Barr sign. Six people tied the club record of 31 Sundays in a row today! The snow is going fast with only 3 sections remaining. A small one at about 1.5 from the summit, a medium one at the end of the traverse under the 16 golden stairs and a medium one in the flat section before the Fred Barr sign.

6/21/2001 48 did the evil Hwy 24 bypass hill repeats for 40 minutes. People are getting their pacing down and once again many got much farther along than the last time. Skippies and kneelifts in the grass rounded out the day.

6/17/2001 The Sunday Club attendance record was smashed when 72 people came out for the long run. The vast majority started from the bottom but another 8 or so started from either Elk Park or the top so that they could get in some no air miles. Lots of us got our club shirts today and it was pretty neat to see them making their way up the Barr Trail. Even in the summit house tourist were commenting on the shirts! Today 11 of us also started working on our adopted section of the Barr Trail.

6/14/2001 50 of us met for a 30 minute tempo run up the Barr Trail and there were so many PRs it was unbelievable. Some were getting well over a minute farther up the trail than 3 weeks ago! Things are clicking for many of the ICers for sure. After the main part of the workout about 20 of us helped move new fence rails to various spots along the Barr Trail from No Name down to the top of the Ws. Finally, after a run back down the trail Hydro Street hill repeats finished the workout. Some ICers got their club shirts today:-)

6/10/2001 39 people came to the club long run today. Another 30 used the “I saw so and so on the run” loophole to get counted in the GOG 10 mile which took place just a mile or so up the street. The snow is vanishing rather fast off the top and there is now no snow until right at the 2 mile to go sign. There are several small sections of snow getting to the 1 mile and 2 big sections getting to the 16 Golden Stairs Sign. There is one bad patch getting to the Fred Barr Sign and then it is clear to the top. About 5 of us picked up trash for about an hour on the top. What was neat was that about 10 tourist joined in and helped!

6/7/2001 The streets were flooded, the rain was dumping and the lighting was popping. Add to that a tornado watch for our county and I thought for sure I would be moving up on the workout board!!! But noooo, all 9 of those in front of me showed up! In fact 30 (the smallest group of the year) came out for 30 minutes of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy. As is often the case with Colorado weather by the time we did our warm-up conditions were perfect and by the time we finished our Hydro hills the sun was making a guest appearance. Yvonne C was exited that at least Pete T stayed home so she moved up one among the remaining 14 people with perfect attendance!

6/3/2001 A huge group of 67 (a tie for the record) were running all over the Barr Trail today. First snow was not until past the IBR Memorial a good ways after the A-Frame. Most of the traverses are well traveled now. Rick H (who had a race yesterday) drove to the top and did a lot of shovel work on the top switch-backs. After summiting 4 of us went back down and took turns helping him clear even more snow. However there is still a lot of snow left! In all, 7 of us made it to the top today.

5/31/2001 43 came for 40 minutes of evil Highway 24 Bypass repeats. It is always amazing how easy these things feel for about half the workout and then how ugly they feel for the 2nd half. Today we really worked on form and for a lot of people it made a big difference in that they set some huge PRs. Skippies and knee lifts in the grass finished off the day. After that about 12 of us got together and helped an ICer move. With that many people and two trucks we made short work of it – it is neat when the club comes together like this!

5/27/2001 Lots of races and the memorial day weekend did not keep 57 of us from meeting for a long run. About 12 people made it all the way to the top! There is just a few steps of snow getting to the A-frame. Getting to the two mile sign is also not too bad. The traverse over to the 1 mile sign has quite a bit of snow left and from there up it is still mostly snow but for the most part footing is good due to the traffic. However, if you are not used to traversing steep snow fields it may be better to wait another week or two.

5/24/2001 The Thursday club attendance record was broken today when 57 came out for a 30 minute tempo run up the Barr Trail. Too many people set PRs today to even begin to mention. Some credited the form/cadence/tangents discussion that took place before the run. Several are starting to do extra Hydro hills and some are even doing easy runs up to No Name after their tempo run. Things are really shaping up nicely!

5/20/2001 Another huge group of 63 headed up the Barr Trail and what a difference a week makes! All the snow is now gone until 75% into the first switch-back after the bottomless pit sign. Even from there it is only patchy to the A-frame. From there 5 of us b-lined for the summit! When we got to the 16 Golden Stairs sign we pounded out the remaining switch-backs to the top. The faster people start using the real trail the faster the snow will melt! What a great day:-)

5/17/2001 The threat of rain did not stop 51 from doing 30 minutes of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy up the Barr Trail. In fact the weather was perfect and a bunch of people reported PRs for the workout:-) That could be because we instituted rule 316L which states if you are going to pass someone you must do it on a hard minute and not an easy minute. This forced a lot of people to slow their recoveries down which resulted in a stronger 2nd half. 5 repeats on Hydro hill finished the day as always.

5/13/2001 Everybody and their mother was on the mountain for mother’s day today. As a result we blitzed the club attendance record by 8 people setting the new record at 67. There is once again no snow until Barr Camp where a stubborn patch remains. Snow is intermittently patchy to the Bottomless Pit sign and from there it is more frequent until the end of the long switchback where everyone has been going the wrong way. The remaining 14 switchbacks now have some tracks on them after some trail breaking. It was never deep however and once people start using the correct way it should wear down pretty fast. From the A-frame it looks like few, if any, have bothered with switch-backs.

5/10/2001 46 came for the evil repeats on the HWY 24 bypass. This is definitely the hardest of the 3 workouts but that does not stop the club from getting good turnouts for it. Skippies and high knees in the grass rounded out the workout. Four people (Brenda C, Matt C, Mike F and Yvonne C) have made all the workouts for the year thus becoming the first to earn the 2001 Incline Club award by coming to 30 workouts.

5/6/2001 49 made the Sunday long run. Various loops and out/backs were done off of Rampart Range Road with many taking the new Williams Canyon Trail back to the park. Others used the trail to connect into Waldo. After the run Brett P and others bet Matt C $90 he could not drink a gallon of milk in a half hour and keep it down for another half hour. Suffice it to say that after 7/8 of a gallon a huge white spot was made next to a rock. However, proving that he was out but not down Matt C finished the final 1/8 gallon of milk and went and ate breakfast with the gang. Having lost the bet he has to pay for the milk.

5/3/2001 A cold, rainy day combined with a bunch of people doing races this weekend gave the club it’s fist run of the year with less than 40 runners. 37 of us lined up on Hydro Street with most of us doing a 30 minute tempo run up the Barr Trail. About 10 people ran easy as they were tapering for a race but still wanted to get the Thursday “*” on the workout board. Near the top of the W’s the wet trail turned into a slush trail and finally a snow trail. Winter is back:-(

4/29/2001 56 runners and 5 more family members came for the 3rd annual Neal and Teresa T van-feed breakfast. 35 lbs (it was measured) of pancakes were used to refuel the depleted runners. As always stupid people tricks were performed with one new entrant for the year being a male runner taking part in the jog bra removal contest — as in HE put on a jog bra and then successfully removed it without removing his T-shirt. Now I shall try to keep his name a secret but those that saw this display of dexterity will never quite get over that sight of that much hair protruding from a jog bra! Oh there was a run before all this fun and the snow on the Barr Trail is all but gone all the way to Barr Camp with just a few pesky patches remaining.

4/26/2001 A new Thursday club record was set when 54 people came out for 30 minutes of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy. Because this was our 4th Thursday and we have 3 protocols we started the series over again. Reports of PRs for protocol 1 came from many even with what seemed to be some dry air. The warm (and windy) week really advanced the snow melt and with the exception of about 2 steps of snow at No Name there is no snow on the trail at least until Bob’s road and perhaps a lot farther. What a difference a few warm days can make.

4/22/2001 49 came for an April snow storm with white out conditions on Waldo. Yes Waldo! How it that possible when today’s run was up Rampart Range Road? Last week Brett P and Rick H had a successful reconnaissance run and found the connecting trail between the two so today a bunch of us made the loop. It was pretty darn awesome because while running up Rampart Range Road is great, more than a few of us hate running back down it. We now have a way to make some really neat loops. The trail also comes straight down Williams Canyon right back to the park where we start so it could make for a shorter Waldo loop so people don’t have to do out/backs!

4/19/2001 45 came out for protocol #3 - the most evil of the 3 protocols for sure. 40 minutes of repeats on the hwy 24 bypass. It starts out easy enough but around 25 minutes the game gets ugly and since unlike the other workouts we are constantly on the clock we are forced to work harder and harder to not let our times slide. It is indeed a killer workout. A hand count showed pretty even thirds as far as those who kept them all even - the preferred way, those who got faster - the safe way for the first time, and those who got slower - the painful way! 4 skipies and 4 high knees in the grass rounded out the workout.

4/15/2001 54 runners headed out for one of several runs with most doing either the Barr Trail or Waldo with a few doing both. A couple of the crazies went on a recon run trying to connect Waldo into Rampart Range Road and were successful. Apparently after reading about Neal O’s Thursday blood donation Teresa T felt her title as official club blood donor was in jeopardy. She patiently waited till after running all of Waldo, LRR, Bob’s and even an out back to Barr Camp. Then showing true control made it all the way done the Barr Trail and through the gate onto the road before taking back her crown with true authority! We are talking something out of a scene from saving Private Ryan. She had to get stitches above the eye and in general looked like street pizza. However, being the true champion she is she stopped by the place where about 12 of us were having breakfast to prove that she had rightfully taken back her title. She even left some Easter candy for the group before heading off to the hospital!

4/12/2001 The 42 people who braved coming out during a cold wet snow were rewarded with a breakthrough above the clouds at the top of the Ws. It was awesome — sun, warmth and no wind. Just before the top of the Ws and the rest of the way there was plenty of slush and then snow. It is about ankle deep until No Name were there are some foot deep drifts on the steep approach. These punched through to a very wet slush. On the way down Neal O donated to the club blood bank when he took a tumble on the last switch-back near the little green chlorine gas building. His knee got a little banged but there was a nice hole in his hand that required stitches! The 4 Hydro Street hills seemed just a tad easier this week.

4/8/2001 A great day (although a tad windy at times) brought out 50 to head up Rampart Range Road. This is the first time we have done RRR in good weather and the views were as awesome as they were rumored to be. It was strange to be able to see the antenna (the goal for many) so early into the run because it looked much closer than it really is thanks to the winding road. No mud or snow also meant that some were going a bit faster today to. The trip down was good and the nice weather kept some chatting in the park for a while.

4/5/2001 43 came to the first Thursday run of the 2001 season. It was hard to recognize anyone because of all the shorts and short sleeve shirts. It was pretty obvious by the blinding reflection that many of these legs have not seen the sun in a long time — scary indeed. We started the season off with 30 minutes of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy. A few reported that they are already as far along as they were last year. More than a few ran hard enough to start the sewing machine leg syndrome after the 4 Hydro Street hill repeats. Almost all suffered a bit the last 4-5 hard minutes. A ton of the snow at No Name has melted just since Sunday:-)

4/1/2001 Mr. Sun was nice today and brought out a big group of 54 runners on a perfect April Fool’s day. There is no, nada, none, zilcho snow on the Barr Trail until the final approach to No Name Creek. After that it was like a different world with intermittent snow and ice all the way to Barr Camp. Even so, things had warmed up enough (got to 72 today) that on the way down the ice was not as bad as we had feared. A couple people reported all-time PRs to Barr Camp which is amazing with the amount of snow still left. Today’s switch to Daylight Savings time means that the Incline Club Thursday afternoon runs start this week! Sundays make us strong, Thursdays make us fast!

3/25/2001 45 took off for Rampart Range Road in another foggy soup. Those that kept at it long enough were rewarded by a breakthrough above the clouds and one of the most spectacular views of Pikes Peak I have ever seen. It was right in our face across a blanket of white and it looked much larger than it usually does. So thick was the cloud layer that at one switch-back it looked as if you could just run straight out onto them! Things also warmed up nicely and gloves, jackets (and in some cases shirts) were no longer needed. Of course on the way back down we went back into the foggy soup and things once again got cold. However those that made it got a little piece of running heaven today.

3/18/2001 Oh, what can you say to that — the snow that is? Although 47 people were not deterred several looked as if they had been put through the wringer! LRR was deep, real deep — I was reduced to run a 100 steps, walk 20! It was the first time in many years that I remember hitting my kneecaps on the top of the snow as I pulled out of each step. To add insult to injury on the way down Barr the melting snow was soaking our feet in a demented ice soup. Some days the “*” does not come easy. Today we were hit from all sides but we know it made us tougher!

3/11/2001 A March snowfest did not keep 46 people from coming out for the Sunday long run. Rampart Range Road had only had 1 car on it and only 1 more went by during the 2+ hours:-) The snow/fog kept visibility low but it was still a great run. Several ICers with beards had 1-2" icicles hanging from them when they were done and every looked as if they could pass for a snowman. Of course all the snow meant that everyone was a lot slower than two weeks ago but at least the downhill was a lot softer.

3/4/2001 48 people head out the Ute Indian Trail to find Waldo. Lots of PRs were set by those doing the LRR addition with several completing both loops 15 minutes faster than they ever have. Some are already starting to notice how much the club runs are starting to pay off. The perfect weather kept us in the park for a while before heading off for a bagel breakfast. 8 people are now halfway to earning the Incline Club award.

2/25/2001 56 showed to replace last week as the 2nd largest group of the year. Lots of sun, warmer weather and a new snow-free course combined to make for a perfect day. Rampart Range Road was in great shape. Rick P, who last week got the clubs first broken bone, was back out today with a cast on his wrist. In a club vote only 3 people wanted to count the upcoming road 10 miler in Pueblo as an "R" run. This is an off-road crew for sure:-)

2/24/2001 Runners from the Incline Club DOMINATED the final run of the Winter Series:

Long Run (20K)
   1      1/4      KELLI LUSK              30    1:29:48
   2      1/2      LAURA LANDES            37    1:32:48

   2      1/5      JONATHAN CAVNER         26    1:21:03
   5      1/9      RICK HESSEK             35    1:22:03
   7      2/8      PAUL SULLIVAN           34    1:23:11
   8      3/8      SCOTT LINCOLN           34    1:25:53
   9      1/7      TOM KELECY              45    1:26:07
  10      1/3      LARRY MILLER            50    1:27:40
  13      2/7      RICH HADLEY             45    1:28:35
  14      2/9      NEAL TAYLOR             38    1:29:05
  15      2/3      STU NIEBURG             52    1:29:22
  16      3/7      ECK ZIMMERMANN          49    1:31:58
  18      5/8      TODD BURGESS            31    1:36:56
  19      3/11     GORDON NEAL             44    1:37:36
  24      6/8      JEFF MILLER             33    1:41:57
  31      6/11     DAVID WICK              40    1:46:40
  40      1/3      HANS ZIMMERMANN         61    1:59:37
  41      2/4      JAMIE MCMILLIN          57    2:04:42
  55      7/7      DAVE SORENSON           46    2:26:51

Short Run (10K)
   3      2/8      CONNILEE WALTER         27    0:47:41
  22      3/8      LINDA RONAS             35    0:59:43
  29      1/2      JOY GODBEE              30    1:03:41

   1      1/11     LEVI BRATHALL           17    0:36:56
   2      2/11     ANDY DIMMEN             17    0:37:32
  29      8/13     PETE TONSITS            38    0:51:12

2/18/2001 Another big group (2nd largest for the year) of 54 people took on Waldo today. Going up a lot of the trail was snow free and it is fun to get to run fast. Many blazed loop PRs but once again LRR slowed things down with a boatload of snow. It was like running in two different parts of the world! Barr Trail is an icefest and is at the point of not being runable. In fact starting next week we will be heading out Rampart Range Road every other week until the ice melts! We will still meet an Soda Springs Park at 8 however:-)

2/11/2001 A big group of 51 headed out on one of the nicest weather days we have had in a while. However this was a double edged sword as some sections of the Barr Trail were fairly icy. This did not stop some from running all over the mountain with a report of at least one forging on to the A-Frame! Coming back down via Bob's road was a little better and that section is not traveled as much so there was not as much ice. Definitely a "be careful" time of the year for the Barr Trail!

2/4/2001 45 people headed out UPT to get to Waldo. The weather started out really overcast but Mr. Sun broke through and tried to convince us that it was warmer than it really was. The humidity or the wind made sound travel really well today and the Rampart Shooting Range sounded more like the guns of Navaro. However the ice was not as bad as we thought it would be so the Waldo loop went fast. LRR was in no mood for that however as the snow really slowed things down. The "J" pipe trail saved the day!

1/28/2001 Snow 2 days ago, snow yesterday and snow today did not stop 41 people from taking off up the Barr Trail. Several got new PWs to the camp but that did not put too much of a damper on the day because we know that when the snow melts it’s zooooom time! It was neat to see our foot prints on all sorts of sub trail. Some did the waterpipe Mt View loop. Others did the Mt View out/back. On the way down many headed out Bob’s and either made a B-line for Barr or went up LRR to the new "J" pipe loop. A big group met for bagels after the snowfest mostly just to get warm!

1/21/2001 48 braved another cold day that managed to turn nice. The top 26 on the workout board came eclipsing the number from this time last year when it was the top 18. The new snow on LRR made for some tuff going but it was not as bad as it could have been. Several ICers broke trail the day before including a couple from the high school contingent of the club. Today was the first run we used the new "J" path at the top of LRR as a way to get back to the Barr Trail. This is a great new trail and the banked curves make you feel like a race car:-)

1/14/2001 44 showed for what started out a very cold day and then ended up quite nice. We headed up towards Barr Camp and turned left at the 1/2 mile sign and headed over to Mountain View and back. Friends of the Peak has posted detour signs and No Name Creek. The ice this year in a few spots is wild. Barr Camp looks like it is protected by an ice moat. On the way down some of us headed over the top of Rocky Mountain checking out a new trail for next week. A good group met afterwards for bagels.

1/7/2001 A big group — 51 people — headed out for the first long run of the new year. We extended the length of the run by combining the Waldo and Longs Ranch Road loops. Climbing up LRR after Waldo is always an eye opener, or rather a lung buster. Those that had been doing out/backs also increased the length or their runs with several making the whole Waldo loop for the first time! Bottom line that is what it is all about — going faster and farther no matter what the level. The temperature seemed colder than it was thanks to the humidity but Mr Sun saved the day. 15 of us met for bagels and just as we were leaving 5 more came in to make it a cool 20 — a club PR for the year:-)

12/31/2000 46 people came for the Sunday Long run — the last run of the year! In about 10 years of running on the Barr Trail this was the most ice I have ever seen at No Name Creek. The creek must be blocked somewhere because this area looked more like an ice rink than a trail. This was last of the “shorter” long runs because next week we add on some distance. Today some of us went exploring new trails to the right of the 7.8 mile to summit sign. Some really nice trail and some where the trail was totally overgrown. We popped out on Elk Park Trail at 10,270', just .2 of a mile NW of Barr Camp.

12/24/2000 45 people showed the day before x-mas for the Waldo loop. I thought with the holiday we would get far less so this was a pleasant surprise. Many had their fastest Waldo loop time ever. Although it was a bit cold to stand around the temperature was pretty good for running. Larry M and Rick H both wore shorts but with these two that is not saying it was warm or anything. Larry once again brought a box full of Granola Bars to munch on after the run. Even with the cold, hanging out after the run is becoming the norm.

12/17/2000 It’s a club Record! 58 people showed today for the Ute/Longs Ranch Road Loop. It was amazing seeing that many people heading up Ruxton! The weather was great and so were some of the newbies that came out to join the club. Because 2 weeks ago about 10 people went sub two hours we added Bob’s Road to the LRR loop. For many this was their fist time on the road and a couple thought they were lost until they hit the Barr Trail and realized they were going to live to run another day:-) The top spot on the workout board now belongs to Brenda C. Such is that consistency of this year’s group that the previous leader fell a whopping 38 spots after missing today’s run. Lastly, 19 of us met for bagels after the run.

12/10/2000 47 runners met for the Waldo Canyon run today. The temperature dropped 5 degrees during the run as Mr. Sun played hide and seek with the clouds. But at least we missed the snow and icy fog that came a few hours later. Connilee W’s glasses were recovered from last week albeit in a few more pieces than she had left them. Stu N and Jonathon C failed their ice dancing lessons even after Larry M spread some ice melt on the evil section. But then again it’s going to the take a lot more ice melt to make an impact on the“ice rink!” Finally, in a desperate act to get mentioned in the club news, Teresa T drew blood in one of her falls but several noted that a mosquito often does more damage. Afterwards 18 of us met for Manhattan Bagel’s 99¢ breakfast;-P

12/03/2000 Even with some of the group off in Pueblo for the Rock Canyon Half Marathon we still had 46 runners meet for the Longs Ranch Road Loop. The CS Water Department has been doing some water pipe work near the Barr Trail and therefore the road has been plowed and graded and many commented that it was the first time they had ever done that loop without snow. It made for some really fast times and many had to do some extra running to get in their 2 hours. Also, whereas November was a very cold month December has started out very nice. Most of the club hung out exchanging war stories about their runs. Newbie Angie W won the random drawing prize of a $25 certificate to the Colorado Running Company. Club member Mike K had won it at the Barr Trail Mountain Race but since he is from out of the area he donated it to the club – thanks Mike.

11/26/2000 The first run of the 2001 season had a big turnout with 45 runners heading out the Ute Pass Trail and then doing the Waldo Canyon loop. Last year we started with 31 runners and it took until April to get this big of a turnout so the Incline Club is on track for a great year! The snow was not too bad and the temperature not too cold so it was a great way to start the season. It is always fun after the off season to see all the familiar faces. It is not so fun getting reminded that the UPT somehow is uphill in both directions.

11/22/2000 An e-mail was sent to the club announcing the end of the off season. This Sunday, November 26th, will be our first long run of the 2001 season. Meet at Soda Springs Park at 8 a.m. for the Ute Indian/Waldo Canyon run!!!

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