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1997 season

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1997 Incline PR’s

           Runner        PR      
           Yvonne        35:50
           Carol         33:52*
           Randy         33:12
           Amy           32:33
           Jon           32:00
           Rob           31:01
           Judy          30:21*
           Pete          29:41*
           Dave          29:08*
           Keith         28:26
           Tom O         28:20
           Mike          28:02*
           Terrie        28:01
           Nate          27:17
           Ben           27:11
           Kenny         26:20
           Jeff          26:16
           Larry         25:40*
           John          25:35
           Gary          25:35
           Rick          25:21
           Kyle          25:00
           Tim           24:38*
           Thom          24:37
           Cindy         24:28*
           Kevin         24:03
           Charlie       23:53
           Tom H         23:20
           Doug H        22:39
           Jason         22:29 
           Paul          21:54*
           Doug R        21:26
           Matt V        20:43*
           Dan           20:30*
           Matt C        18:49*

        * - Came to last workout

10/23/97 Dr. Darkness doomed our workout today! We thought we could squeeze in one more before the switch to daylight savings but it was not to be. With safety in mind, an e-mail was sent out yesterday informing the club that we would only do half the Incline. As a result, I thought we would have less runners. However, 12 oldies and 3 newbies showed to give us a club PR of 15! That does not even count Terrie who did the Incline in the morning. The surprise, at least for me, was that running half the Incline did not feel half as easy. A couple of us cut our handicaps in half and did a mini handicap run. I think we took off a little too hard thinking that it would be a piece of cake — I was glad when we got to pull over and jump onto the Barr Trail! Dave and Mike earned their Incline Pin and since the newbies came knowing that they would not get a pin, we gave Jim, Frank, and Scott one anyway. The nut award goes out to Tim and Frank because they both went to the top. Tim had an ulterior motive because he did not want to go all winter knowing that the gender of the person 10 seconds in front of him was not the same as his. His bid for a PR came up short however and that is too bad because I hear it is going to be a looooong winter;-) That is all she wrote for this season:-( Stay tuned however, because the Incline Club will be making the switch to Sunday long runs up, on, over, around and sometimes in Pikes Peak. We plan to alternate Sundays going up Barr Trail one weekend and the Ute Indian Trail the next.

10/16/97 YES! YES! YES! YES! 5 PRs out of 8 runners! Also the two newbies bettered their times from when they did the Incline on their own. It was the perfect day — no wind, cool, not too humid or too dry. Or it could be that Carol frightened everyone by telling us we should not run alone because a mountain lion might get us. After her stories no one dared run slow lest they get eaten! Newbie Dave took — and I do mean stole — first to the top honors. He waited until afterwards to inform us that the time he used as a handicap was set while going up the Incline with a dog>:o) He got up almost 6 minutes ahead of us:-( Newbie Mike got second to the top by killing his handicap by almost 3 minutes — die newbies, die! But the story today was the veterans — 5 PRs out of 6! Leading the way and winning the PR division was Carol, last weeks first to the top winner, cutting another 1:10 off of her PR. Cindy came in second with a big PR by 40 seconds and passing by three more guys on the all-time PR list! That is two weeks in a row now that the girls killed the boys.... In third place in the PR division was Gary with a 34 second PR. Gary also earned his Incline Club Pin for making his second workout. Blasting through the sub 21 zone was Matt V with a 24 second PR. This is a HUDGE PR when you consider at this level there is not much wiggle room. Be that as it may, Matt V wants to take the #2 spot — stay tuned for next weeks results! Rounding out the PR club was yours truly with my first since July 17 thus ending a long dry spell. Its a scary thought but with a 5 second PR I was second to last to the top today — the Incline Club is one competitive bunch... INCLINE CLUB NEWS FLASH: Because daylight savings ends on the 26th of this month, next week will be the last group Incline Run of season. It is already getting dark on us as we run back down but the hour lost in the time change will mean starting in the dark and that is not safe. Starting soon though the Incline Club will be meeting Sunday mornings for long runs! These will be fun runs and no PRs will be recorded:-)

10/9/97 11 runners with 2 newbies — a good turnout because some of our regulars were off killing Elk or something... The girls kicked the boys butts today with 1st and 2nd place to the top. Carol led the way with a 2:11 PR that also means she is no longer the pace setter. Judy, with a fine 44 second improvement, took 2nd place and also knocked another person off of the overall list. Tom H was the only PR on the men’s side with his 2nd PR in a row (and 3rd in his last 3 runs) taking another 20 seconds off. In a testament to how well the handicapping is working 4 more people were within 10 seconds of their PR! It was a tight finish at the top — not counting the ladies who were already done and got to watch the rest of us hurt a little... Both Jeff and Carol earned their Incline Club pin today by coming to their 2nd workout... In the “did it on their own” department, Terrie came back down the Incline for the first time this morning and now she is walking a little bit slow for it — talk about steep. But she overcame her fear and accomplished a goal...

10/2/97 We tied our club PR with 14 runners although we may have lost Kevin in the woods on the way down because he never showed up at the bottom. Newbie Jeff took the first to the top award despite the fact that I handicapped him over a minute more than his best time! Jason won the PR division with a killer 1 minute 8 second PR which was good enough for second to the top. Tom H, a former first to the top winner, was the only other PR with a 16 second improvement. Had he won first to the top twice he would have won the new Mercedes 450 SL but he will just have to settle for the bronze for his third place to the top today. Terrie and Tom O both ran the Incline on their own earlier in the day and Terrie only missed a PR by 4 seconds.

9/25/97 10 runners came today with one newbie. 2nd time runner Keith won by a big margin with a 2:01 PR. He also got his Incline Club Pin for coming to his second workout. Tom O, who has been doing the Incline on his own the last couple of weeks, showed us that his dedication paid off. He took off 1:13 to get second. Matt V with his 3rd PR in a row came ever so close to landing in the sub 21 zone with his 11 second PR. The rest of us were bunched in there pretty tight at the top which is just the way a handicap run should finish.

9/18/97 14 runners showed — a club PR. There were 3 more newbies and a pseudo newbie. Tom H, the pseudo newbie, had been running the Incline on his own and it paid off today with a 57 second PR and the coveted first to the top award. Cindy was second with a 35 second PR. Larry used a new strategy today and it paid off with his first PR since, well a long long time. He acted like he got hurt in his warm-up and then waited for everyone else to go. He claims he was able to concentrate better by running on his own. It must have worked because he got up 22 seconds for 3rd in the PR club. Matt V rounded out the PR club with a 16 second improvement but more importantly he took over the #3 spot for the fastest time. Tim informs us he blitzed his PR by 1:52 the week the rest off us were stuffing our faces with pasta. To top it off he did it in the hell — I mean hail.

9/16/97 An Incline Club FAQ was added.

9/12/97 Two of the Incline Club members that did not make the run yesterday did it earlier in the day. Tom O and Terrie were both done before the rest of us even got around to thinking about it.

9/11/97 Despite the ominous looking weather 10 people showed including 3 newbies. Newbie Cindy was the first to reach the top but the rest of us know that the second week is the test for newbies:-) Judy won the PR division with a killer 3:33 improvement. This also means that she is no longer the pace setter. Matt V. was the only other PR today getting up 24 seconds faster than last time. He also took back the #4 spot from Paul who had taken it from him just two weeks ago. Both are set to take out Doug R’s #3 time while he is off at college learning that the laws of gravity work twice as hard on the Incline... Since so many Incline Club members have e-mail I have started a e-mailing list for workout reminders and/or changes. Let me know if you would like be added to the list — you do not have to be a current member...

9/8/97 Three top 10s at the Imogene Pass Run. Thom 10th, Paul 9th and me. Rick placed 30th, Larry got 40th and Dan got 48th. Terrie got 19th for the women. I can not speak for the others but near the top of the pass it was soooo steep I caught myself thinking that I might as well be on the Incline... Got an E-mail from Tom our last handicap winner. He did the Incline on his own last Wednesday since we were not going to be there on Thursday. Now that is crazy — I mean dedication!

9/4/97 We had a pre Imogene Pass Run pasta feed at Paul and Judy’s house. Good food, good company and no running was allowed! A perfect way to get ready for a race. Their house is in Woodland Park and as we were leaving Larry and I both noticed something — actually we noticed nothing — as in silence. No traffic, no city, just a few crickets. Very nice indeed...

9/2/97 Because the Incline Club has grown to over twenty people it was taking too long to figure out the handicaps and last week I got one wrong. I whipped up some code for a handicap calculator that should never make mistakes;-) Let me know if you have problems...

8/28/97 12 runners with 3 more newbies and 5 PRs! Tom took top honors today with a 2:05 PR that also had him landing well under the 30 minute zone. Paul took 2nd with his 1:13 PR — his 5th in a row! I messed up Terrie’s handicap by 1 minute so we thought she was 2nd but her 42 second PR was still good for the bronze. It had been a long dry spell for Thom but he broke through in grand style today with a 38 second PR. Kenny rounded out the PR club today with a 22 improvement. Most of us will NOT meet next week because we are doing the Imogene Pass Run the following Saturday. We will be back on September 11...

8/21/97 Ten runners with 3 newbies. Charlie (a pseudo newbie — see 8/7/97) wins the race today — next week will be the test for him;-) But the story was Matt V. with another PR by almost 2 minutes to take a close second. Paul, with a 40 second PR, took 3rd. And to think, most of us ran the Pikes Peak Ascent or Marathon last weekend... a sick group indeed! Tell a friend or even better bring a friend! Good to see newbies...

8/17/97 Great job on the Peak, Incline Club members! FIVE top 10s, (Terrie #3, Judy #7, Dan #8, Paul #10, Me), 2 age group winners (Ben - 1st 50-54 25th overall, Dan - 1st 25-29, 8th overall). Doug placed 32nd and 4th in his age group. Rick got 33rd. Matt V. placed 41st. Charlie placed 110th. Judy and Charlie were newbies last time so we can’t take all the credit for their runs. I do not think any other Incline Club members ran so this was a great showing!

8/14/97 Taper time — see you next week. We WILL meet Thursday, 8/21/97 at 5:30pm. We will all be dead from the Peak, but we will be there getting ready for Imogene Pass...

8/7/97 With 13 runners we set a new record! Pete, Judy B. and Charlie where the newbies and we threw them a curve — we decided to do a tempo run to French Creek starting from Hydro Street. Despite knowing better, a lot of us (OK, I admit it, I was one of them) started out too fast and ended up in O2 debt by the 3rd switch-back! Oh well, that is why we moved our run today — so we will not make the same mistake next Saturday or Sunday! Most of us have done this section a bunch just not at race pace or faster. It makes a difference!

7/31/97 Nate was the winner with a 51 second PR. Five PRs today and a very tight finish for six of the eight runners.

7/24/97 Matt Von Thun was the winner with a 53 second PR. About half the normal group — lots of races this weekend. A couple of us, including myself, ran only half of the Incline hard and then did the rest as a hike.

7/21/97 Got an E from Doug Binder. He had stopped and talked to the two people with the tape measure I mentioned on 7/10 below. They were working for the Water Department trying to determine the extent of erosion. Doug let it be known that he hoped they did not close it to the public.

7/17/97 Twelve people and boy was it close at the top! About 8 of us were within 20 seconds of each other after the handicap start. This week the winner was Ben with a whopping 3:23 PR! He won’t have it so easy next week;-) Paul, with a 1:39 PR, got 2nd for the 2nd time in a row...

More controversy! Today, the “Out There” section of the Gazette ran a story with some totally off-base information. This, combined with a previous story, would have you thinking that we are the ones keeping the “ugly scar” from going away. Look, I wish the Incline was never built! However the fact is, it was. Let’s get some use out of it! Anyone who has been up the thing knows the truth — people are not the problem — we step on the ties! All except a dozen or so have not moved in years. There is a drainage problem not a people problem. It was eroded so bad NEXT to the ties in one spot that you could see the water pipe exposed 20 feet below. Hopefully, some great efforts that took place last year have put a stop to that. Without those efforts a lot of ties would have gotten washed away and there would have been a very big problem because they are the only thing preventing that whole slope from washing down. With as many times as I and several others have been up the Incline we have never seen a single person hiking up NEXT to the rails despite the claims of some. It would be stupid, dangerous and just plain next to impossible. There is no vegetation whatsoever where we go! One section, halfway up the Incline next to the 12th switch-back of the Barr Trail, is getting crossed over but this can be fixed — add a trail there! I have seen people getting onto the Incline from Barr Trail just as I have seen people bailing off of the Incline to get to the Barr Trail. The two come within 20 feet of each other — how do you expect people NOT to cross here?

There are many people on the Peak that have looked at me with that “f___ you” look when I tell them to stop cutting switch-backs — no less than six people by the A-frame on one Sunday alone. I know how fragile mountain environments are — I spend more time in them than most. Walking/hiking/running up rail-road ties does NOT fall into that category! However, I do not claim to know it all. I will gladly hike up with anyone who feels that people are causing damage so they can enlighten me. If they prove that we are causing the damage they claim, I will stop running up it. It seems awful hypocritical of the COG railway department to rip out a section of the Incline for a parking lot yet whine about people who, over seven or so years, have left little if any trace… And before I bite the hand that feeds me, let me also say that I am very grateful to the very same COG railway department for not closing it off because yes, it is their land!

7/10/97 Eleven people made it — a new record for our group — now that was fun! On the way up we saw two people on the Incline with a tape measure. We can only hope they are not planning something evil — getting the bottom 15 seconds chopped off for a parking lot was enough for one year...

7/3/97 Seven people showed — lots of PRs were set!

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