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The Discovery of Pikes Peak
Thursday, February 28th at 6pm

The Colorado Running Company is proud to present a presentation by Matt Carpenter on the discovery of Pikes Peak.

Club Logo - Deviate from the horizontal! The first half of the presentation will cover such things as Zebulon Pike’s attempt to climb Pikes Peak. Stories from the Pikes Peak Weather Station. How the Barr Trail came to be. Just how high is Pikes Peak. The first footrace up the Barr Trail in 1936. The vertical mile running races held on the Pikes Peak highway in 1938 and 1939. The founding of the Pikes Peak Marathon in 1956. The story of the G. Inestine B. Roberts memorial on the Barr Trail and much more!

The second part of the presentation will be a Q&A session with Matt on training for and racing in any of the Pikes Peak races.

Join us Thursday, February 28, at 6pm for this free presentation. Donations to help pay for the Incline Club's new website ( will be accepted.

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