Brenda Willis Ultra 100
Loose 100lbs by the Incline Club Party
March 21 - August 26, 2004 - 158 days

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Brenda Willis
March 21, 2004 - 307.5lbs
Had to borrow a scale that would take 300+lbs:-(
Brenda Willis
May 8, 2004 - 277.5lbs. Total lost: 30lbs
I have not worn this dress in years:-)
Brenda Willis
Jun 9, 2004 - 260lbs. Total lost: 47lbs
Approaching halfway!

Progress Graph
Brenda Willis Ultra 100

Brenda is loosing weight as a fundraiser by getting pledges for every pound she loses. All money goes to the ARC.

Getting close to $8,000!!!
5 @ .20 per pound
14 @ .25 per pound
11 @ .50 per pound
1 @ .50 per pound first 50, .75 next 50 = .625 per pound
19 @ 1.00 per pound
4 @ 2.00 per pound
Total 55 pledges, $38.225 per pound
Cooperate match will bring that to $76.45 per pound or $7,645 if (when:-) she reaches her goal.

Pledge Brenda

From the Friday, March 19, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

Once in a while you hear about something that really makes you feel good. I believe this story will end that way! A week or so ago ICer Bryan Willis’s wife, Brenda, stopped by the house to pitch the Arc to me. The Arc is the national organization of and for people with mental retardation and related developmental disabilities and their families. She wanted to know if she could write up something about it for the IC newsletter.

Well, as neat as that is, I told Brenda that I really shouldn’t use the newsletter in that way (although I guess I just did — but stay with me) because I am sure everyone would love to pitch their causes and businesses to a 550 member distribution list. In other words, I have tried to keep the newsletters relatively “spam free” with the exception of “for sale” items. I told Brenda the only way we could do it would be something along the lines of what Connilee Walter did a few years ago (see where she ran Boston to raise funds for something she believed in.

Brenda and I discussed some things and we came up with a HUGE idea — literally! You see, Brenda will be the first to admit that she is huge — 308.5lbs huge to be exact. You can see her getting ready to dispose of ICer Andy Dimmen after he threw water on her at the annual IC party here:

Brenda writes:
Losing weight has been an issue for me my entire life, but now that I have an avid Incline Club husband who loves the Pikes Peak Ascent and who has lost 50lbs himself since he started running, I have decided to lose some much unneeded pounds.

The job that I love has me caring for people with mild to severe disabilities but I don’t take care of me — I’m last on the list. You know the story; wife, mom, caregiver... Somewhere along the line I forgot about me! It was my dear friend Teddi Roberts, who is the executive Director of Arc, who reminded me “I’m special and important too!”

I now have a goal to take care of myself, lose weight, get fit and still be able to benefit people with disabilities. I have decided to loose weight as a fundraiser by getting pledges for every pound I lose. I’m so excited and feel strongly I will succeed.

In 2002 I won a race at the Incline Club annual party by carrying my husband across the finish line in the “carry your spouse challenge.” At the 2004 Incline Party I want to win my race against obesity. The support I have is overwhelming and touching. The money I raise will go to Arc — — and I will, in return, be losing my unneeded pounds!

This Sunday, March 21st, Brenda will be joining the Incline Club along with her husband Bryan. After an official weigh-in she will start an exercise program of walking while the rest of us are off running. She will have a pledge sheet to take pledges. The goal is to loose 100lbs by the Incline Club party on August 26, 2004. This works out to about 20 lbs a month. She has gone to her doctor and received the OK for this plan as being safe. However it is going to be hard and she is going to need a lot of support. That is one of the reasons she is going to do this in such a public manner and as a fundraiser - to give her both accountability and motivation. Brenda wants to be healthy again and I for one think there are few things in life as important as our health so I am going to give Brenda all the support I can starting with posting this to the club newsletter.

If you don’t come to the club runs but would like to pledge an amount per pound in support of Brenda just send me and e-mail. Remember the goal is 100lbs by August 26, 2004. All money goes to Arc - again see

From the Friday, March 26, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

The Brenda Willis Ultra 100 is underway! As you may know Brenda is on a quest to loose 100lbs by the Incline Club annual party and raise money for the Arc. She weighed in last Sunday at 307.5lbs. In the first week alone she has picked up $25.125 worth of pledges per pound! If she accomplishes her goal that will be $2,512.50 - mostly due to ICers!!! But that is NOT all. The Arc has come up with a matching grant for the Brenda Ultra 100 so everything that she gets pledged will be DOUBLED. In other words, she has already picked up over $5,000 in pledges! WAY TO GO ICers:-)

Pledge break down as of 3/26/04:
Current pledges are at the top of the page...

Brenda’s exercise progress:
3/21 Walk 3 miles at IC workout
3/22 Walk am 1 mile, pm 1 mile
3/23 Walk am 1 mile, pm 1 mile
3/24 Walk am 1 mile, pm 1 mile
3/25 Walk am 1 mile (right foot sore), pm none
3/26 Today Walk am 1 mile with new inserts - no pain:-) pm not here yet

Other notes:
She is no longer allowed to grocery shop
Bryan cooks her meals and counts her calories

From the Friday, April 2, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

Starting point 307.5lbs
Last week at the weigh-in Brenda was about the same as her starting point. However this was very significant because it meant that she was no longer gaining weight. Everything that we had heard said that the first week or so could be tough because the body tries to compensate for the changes that are taking place. Indeed this is why so many that start diets and exercise programs fail so fast because at first nothing seems to happen (other than feeling tired and hungry). Now that she knows the calories/miles needed to maintain her weight it is just a matter of tweaking things to loose weight. For starters Brenda will be doing more walking. She did not start out with much the first week because there was such a high risk of getting hurt. However she felt great by the end of the week so she has added in some longer walks. A mid-week weight check showed promising results - stay tuned for Sunday...

Brenda’s exercise (walking) progress:
F 3/26 am 1 mile, pm 1 mile
S 3/27 am 1 mile, pm 2 mile
S 3/28 3.5 miles at IC workout
M 3/29 am 1 mile, pm 1 mile
T 3/30 am 2 mile , pm 2 miles
W 3/31 am 1 mile, pm 3 miles
T 4/1 am 2 mile, pm 2 miles
F 4/2 am 1 mile, pm not here yet (3 miles planned)

Pledge report:
Current pledges are at the top of the page...

From the Friday, April 7, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

Starting point 3/21/04: 307.5lbs
Last club weigh-in 4/4/04: 298lbs

What a difference a week makes! Brenda weighed in at 298:-) The work is starting to pay off! This week the big news is she got some new shoes. To celebrate she has again upped her mileage!!! She has been warned of the risks of injury but says she feels awesome:-)))

Brenda’s exercise (walking) progress:
F 4/2 am see last newsletter, pm 3 miles
S 4/3 am 2 miles, pm 2 miles
S 4/4 5 miles at IC workout
M 4/5 am 1 mile, pm 4 miles
T 4/6 am 1 mile, pm 3 miles
W 4/7 pm 6 miles (to/from Matt’s house to give this report)

Pledge breakdown as of 4/7/04:
Current pledges are at the top of the page...

From the Thursday, April 15, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

Starting point 3/21/04: 307.5lbs
Last club weigh-in 4/11/04: 291 lbs

Another week of progress! Last Sunday Brenda weighed in at 291:-) The big news now is some of the residual effects of her exercise program. She is no longer getting headaches like she used to. She has also feeling more energetic:-)))

Brenda’s exercise (walking) progress:
Longer walks and even some Frisbee and lawn mowing (yes, with a push mower) were the highlights this pas week. Will catch up the log next week.

Pledge breakdown as of 4/15/04:
Current pledges are at the top of the page...

From the Thursday, April 22, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

Starting point 3/21/04: 307.5lbs
Last club weigh-in 4/18/04: 288 lbs

Below 290! Last Sunday Brenda weighed in at 288:-) The longer walks are going fine and no days were missed this week.

Pledge breakdown as of 4/22/04:
Current pledges are at the top of the page...

From the Thursday, April 29, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

Starting point 3/21/04: 307.5lbs
Last club weigh-in 4/25/04: 286 lbs

Yes, even Brenda has “snow days” and she got a little off track last week. However she did take another 2lbs off. She is still on schedule but can’t afford many weeks like that!!! Brenda says “wait till this Sunday and I’ll show you!” She also reports that for the first time in a long long time her pants are now too big:-)

Exercise report:
She has missed no days this week. Her minimum was 4 miles!!! She is working on a 29 mile week! I know some ICers who are not running that much...

Pledge breakdown as of 4/29/04:
Current pledges are at the top of the page...

From the Thursday, May 20, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

Starting point 3/21/04: 307.5lbs
Last club weigh-in 5/16/04: 271 lbs

As you can see from the weigh-in things are going awesome! Brenda has already lost 36.5lbs! But, before I say more, lets do a little recap. Three weeks ago Brenda had a little setback. We both feel it is important to share so that others trying to loose weight will understand that it does not all come (or go) easy. Brenda somehow got it in her head that she could skip meals and loose even more weight. However, it backfired and while helping her mom move she got dizzy and her blood sugar got very low. She ended up taking a trip to the doctor. It all turned out fine but for her “efforts” she actually was losing less weight because she would be so hungry she would eat more later. She has been instructed not to skip any meals again!!! Besides, the key to this plan is exercise so we stepped up her walking. Presto! The lbs started flying off again. Indeed, two weeks ago I went on one of Brenda’s 5.2 mile walks and I must admit I was impressed! She hauls butt and even jogged in a few spots:-) However, at the next weigh-in (last week) she gave me another scare. She had this really somber look on her face so I asked if she wanted to weigh in. She sheepishly said, “yes,” and then proceeded to weigh in at the same weight as the week before. She then started to laugh and proceeded to pull out of her clothes half the fruit section from the Safeway. She must have had 8-10 oranges stuffed in her shirt! When all was said and done 6.5lbs came off the scale to put her at 271 and 1 pound ahead of schedule:-)

You can track her weight loss (and pictures taken along the way) on this page:
You are on the page

From the July 1, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

Starting point 3/21/04: 307.5lbs
Last club weigh-in 6/27/04: 257 lbs (HALFWAY!!!)

If you haven’t heard Brenda entered the Garden of the Gods 10 mile on June 13th 50 lbs lighter than when she started this back in March! She finished the course and only missed the cut-off by 6 minutes. Indeed, she was not even last:-) This was a big goal for Brenda. However, like what happens to most of us, she went through a little post-race funk and her weight as pretty much leveled out for the last two weeks. We are going to up her walking a little to get her back on track and ready for the Summer Round-up 12K on July 11th!

From the July 11, 2004 Incline Club newsletter

Starting point 3/21/04: 307.5lbs
Last club weigh-in 7/11/04: 249 lbs

Brenda entered and completed the TCR Summer Round Up 12k on Sunday, July 11. Her weight loss is back on track as well:-) The key was starting a food journal where she wrote down EVERYTHING that went into her mouth. Turns out there was some “nibbling” going on during the day and the calories quickly added up. The journal, along with getting rid of the tempting stuff and increasing her walking, has helped her get to the lightest weight she has been in 16 years!!! Curves of Manitou Springs has also sponsored Brenda so she can start the next phase of her fitness goal - getting strong.

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