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Pikes Peak Barr Trail
top mile adoption program

In 2000 the Incline Club adopted the top mile of the Pikes Peak Barr Trail. We agreed to do at least 30 hours of work on our section during the season and we sent two club members (Matt and Yvonne C) to 12 hours of trail work training with the Friends of the Peak. Any club member who does at least 10 hours (pre 2002 it was 5) of work in a season gets a “Barr Trail Crew Trail Dog” T-shirt. What follows is a log of the Incline Club’s work on the top mile of the Barr Trail. We have also been asked to help in other areas and some of that work is listed as well.

Incline Club Wins Top Dog Award
Top Dog Award
for our work on the Barr Trail

Trash day June 17, 2001: Incline Club members from left: Steve B, Kees G, Glenn G, Yvonne C (squatting), Matt C, Andy D, Jonathon C, Valerie P and Craig B showing off part of our trash collection. Earlier four more of us did another collection bringing the day’s total to 13 bags. The photo company on the summit liked what we were doing enough to donate the picture:-) Of course with Andy and Jonathon wearing trash on their heads they did think we were a bit odd...

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2003 Season

November 1, 2003

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         1.0     25.5
Bev Weaver          1.0
Bill Ransom         1.0
Chaz Lalonde        1.0
Darrell Weaver      1.0
Gail Allen          1.0
Gerald Simpson      1.0
Glen Winkel         1.0
Gordan Barnett      1.0      3.5
Harry Harcrow       1.0
Jackie Burhans      1.0
James Howard        1.0
Jasper Burhans      1.0
JJ Huie             1.0
Jonathan Veteto     1.0
Kelly McKenna       1.0
Kevin Andrews       1.0
Linda Ronas         1.0
Mary-Clare Brennan  1.0
Matt Carpenter      1.0     16.5
Micky Simpson       1.0      5.0
Michael Hagen       1.0
Richard Joy         1.0
Robert Ronas        1.0
Roger Sajak         1.0
Sarah Altonen       1.0
Shawn Erchinger     1.0
Stephen Mitchell    1.0
Steve Mischel       1.0
Todd Murray         1.0

30 hours today (128 total) Foggy and 31 degrees. A layer of ice had formed on everything. However that did not stop 30 ICers from meeting at the Barr Trail trailhead to carry 75 new rails to their designated spots along the trail. One hour later the ice was melting and the task was done. Some of us even went for a run:-)

October 18, 2003

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         4.0     24.5
Glenn Grams         3.0
Larry Miller        4.0     20.5
Mike Vidovich       3.0      6.0
Matt Carpenter      4.0     15.5

18 hours today (98 total) We headed up towards the Experimental Forest and worked our way down No Name Creek clearing it of all obstructions. This should stop some of the early freezing that has been occurring. When we left the creek was flowing almost three times as much as when we arrived.

October 12, 2003

Name                Today   Total
Al Alvares           .5
Andy Dimmen         5.0     20.5
Gary Smedley        1.5
Larry Miller        5.0     16.5
Matt Carpenter      5.0     11.5
Mike Vidovich       3.0
Peggy Monson         .5
Sherry Alvares       .5

21 hours today (80 total) Work was begun today at No Name on widening the area where the creek always freezes. We also cleared enough to get some equipment into the area to install a new culvert and finish the job. We had fun telling people that came by to “pay a toll” by helping us for a while — we actually got some takers. In fact, Mike and Gary helped a ton!

August 10, 2003

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         4.0     15.5
Craig Burbank       4.0     10.5
Dave Hendrix        2.0      4.5
Doug Laufer         2.0
Gordan Barnett      2.0      2.5
Larry Miller        4.0     11.5
Matt Carpenter      4.0      6.5
Micky Simpson       4.0      
Ted Bidwell         2.0

28 hours today (59 total) We brought the rakes and shovels today and did a final sweep on our mile. Three spots in particular received our attention; The beginning and end of the “grand traverse” under the 16 Golden Stairs and the final couple of switchbacks. On the first section we built a way to go around the evil 45 degree rock step-up. On the end of the traverse we eliminated a lot of the jagged rocks from the switchback. On the top several switchbacks are now better than they have ever been! The trail is ready for the PPA/M/D!

August 3, 2003

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         4.0    11.5
Craig Burbank       2.5     6.5     
Dave Hendrix         .5     2.5
Gordan Barnett       .5
Matt Carpenter       .5     2.5       

8 hours today (31 total) Andy and Craig did some awesome work on a couple of the final switchbacks. The rest of us just provided some backup on some large rocks.

July 20, 2003

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         3.5     7.5
Larry Miller        3.5     7.5

7 hours today (23 total) Andy and Larry got busy on some of the larger rocks on the trail today including a huge one that had been obscuring the trail for several weeks. They got it started with a jack that Larry brought up.

June 29, 2003

Name                Today
Andy Dimmen         4.0
Craig Burbank       4.0        
Dave Hendrix        2.0
Larry Miller        4.0
Matt Carpenter      2.0

16 hours today (16 total) The annual “spring cleaning.” As is usual for this time of year we worked on clearing rocks that had fallen onto the trail over the winter. We got most of them including some rather big ones. However one gonzo rock will have to wait for another day — that bad boy is BIG!

2002 Season

October 27, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         1.5    11.5
Andy Kovats         1.5     1.5
Kees Guijt          1.5    12.0
Larry Miller        1.5     9.0
Matt Carpenter      1.5    19.5

7.5 hours today (153.5 total) The 5 of us worked on and in No Name Creek. Because this section is already adopted we did not need (or want) to do much work on the Trail itself other than to work on a water run-off. On the steep approach to No Name we made it easier for the water from a spring on the right side of the Barr Trail to get across the trail and into the No Name. Otherwise, it was the creek itself that was our focus. Our goal was to remove the obstacles from creek in the hopes of preventing what has become an ice rink every winter. After removing the rocks that were in the pipe that runs under the trail we worked up No Name several hundred feet removing blockages that were causing run-off problems for the trail. Downstream from the pipe we cleared out the culvert and made it deeper. No telling if this will be enough but when we left there was a lot more water flowing through this section than when we arrived:-)

October 13, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Kees Guijt          2      10.5
Larry Miller        2       7.5
Matt Carpenter      2      18.0

6 hours today (146 total) After receiving an e-mail from Jim Strub (thanks) the three of us headed up to fix a collapse next to the 16 Golden Stairs Sign. The trail was blocked with some rather large rocks. In addition the collapse was eating into the switchback above it. We built a new rock wall (don’t worry we made it look natural and not like a wall) and improved the two effected switchbacks.

September 8, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Bill Ransom         1.5     6.0
Chaz Lalonde        1.5     5.0
Larry Miller        1.5     5.5
Matt Carpenter      1.5    16.0

6 hours today (140 total) Same thing as yesterday, see below. Today it was a little colder and the summit house donated some hot chocolate which we delivered to some of the volunteers.

September 7, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Christian Fuller    1.5     1.5
Kees Guijt          1.5     8.5
Larry Miller        1.5     4.0
Matt Carpenter      1.5    14.5

6 hours today (134 total) We were food runners for the 180 VOC and FOTP volunteers working on the section below what we built on August 11. We did two deliveries at about 10ish and 2ish. In both cases the Oreo cookies were the big hit! For more info on this workday see

August 11, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         4.0    10.0
Bill Ranson         3.5     4.5
Chaz Lalonde        3.5     
Chris Britton       3.0     
Craig Burbank       3.5     7.0
Dave Sorenson       3.5     
David Peak          3.0     
Fred Wright         3.0     
Gary Smedley        3.0     
Glen Ash            3.0     
Gordon Barnett      3.0     
Howard Brooks       3.0     
Jack Ramsay         3.0     
Jackie Burhans      3.0     
Jim Friem           3.0     
Jonathan Cavner     3.0     
Kees Guijt          4.0     7.0
Lance Thibault      3.5     
Laura Mitchell      3.0     
Lindsay Cavner      3.0     
Mark Cafiero        3.0     
Matt Carpenter      4.0    13.0
Matthew Mittchel    3.0     
Miranda Mitchell    3.0     
Randy Lindsay       3.0     
Sarah Altonen       3.0     
Stephen Mitchell    3.0     3.5
? male 1            3.0     
? male 2            3.0     
? female            3.0     

95.5 hours today (128 total) The mission was to complete a 500' section of new trail. We started by the Army building on the summit and headed Northwest to the “Hot Breaks Fail” sign on the final switchback of the Pikes Peak Highway. This section of trail will be used as the staging area for about 200 volunteers coming to work on the next section down on September 7th and 8th. To learn more check out

ICers hard at work building new trail
Busting a path
through a boulder field
ICers hard at work building new trail
ICers hard at work
building new trail
Making a trail one bucket at a time
Making a trail one
bucket at a time
A new trail where there was none
A new trail
where there was none
The new trailhead next to the Army Building
The new trailhead
next to Army building
ICers up in arms over all the work
ICers up in arms
over all the work

August 4, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         1.5     6.0
Craig Burbank       1.5     3.5
Kees Guijt          1.5     3.0
Larry Miller        1.5     2.5
Matt Carpenter      1.5     9.0

7.5 hours today (32.5 total) For something a little different (since our mile is looking so good:-) we put some time on the Craig trail off of the Western face of the peak. The goal today was to define the trailhead a little better and remove a lot of the loose rocks from the short section we have been asked to build.

July 28, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         1       4.5
Bill Ransom         1       1.0
Craig Burbank       1       2.0
Glenn Grams         1       4.0
Kees Guijt          1       1.5
Matt Carpenter      1       8.5
Stephen Mitchell    .5       .5

6.5 hours today (25 total) Bill brought up a pick so we got busy on a particularly rocky section 5 switch-backs from the race finish. It was only about 15 feet long but after an hour it was 15 feet of smooooth!

July 21, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         1       3.5
Glenn Grams         1       3.0
Larry Miller        1       1.0
Matt Carpenter      4       7.5

7 hours today (18.5 total) We got to finish our “spring cleaning” today removing rocks from the trail from the summit down to the 1 mile sign. Larry and Andy removed a big piece of metal trash and some other garbage.

July 19, 2002

Pike National Forest, including the Barr Trail, reopened today:-)

June 10, 2002

The Barr Trail is Closed! The Barr Trail is closed! As of today, June 10th, at noon, the Pike National Forest as well as the Barr Trail were closed due to the fire situation. There is no information as to how long this closure will last. We are not even allowed to do trail work on the summit were fires can’t even burn:-(

June 9, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen         1.5     2.5
Craig Burbank       1       1.0
Glenn Grams         1       2.0
Matt Carpenter      1.5     3.5

5 hours today (11.5 total) We started our “spring cleaning” today removing rocks from the trail from the summit down to the 16 Golden Stairs sign. This section is better than it has ever been now and much of the hard work from last year held up well through the winter.

June 2, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Andy Dimmen          .5     1.0
Bryan Willis         .5     1.0
Glenn Grams          .5     1.0
Matt Carpenter       .5     2.0

2 hours today (6.5 total) Another 6 bags of metal cans and assorted garbage are no longer on top of Pikes Peak

May 19, 2002

Name                Today   Total
Bryan Willis         .5
Glenn Grams          .5
Jonathan Cavner      .5
Kees Guijt           .5
Matt Carpenter      1       1.5
Pete Perich          .5

3 more bags of trash off of Pikes Peak 3.5 hours today (4.5 total) With the last of the snow melted off the Barr Trail quite a few more of us made it to the summit. 7 more bags of garbage are no longer resting on the Eastern face of Pikes Peak:-)

May 5, 2002

Name                Today
Andy Dimmen          .5
Matt Carpenter       .5

1 hour today (1 total) With the incredible snowmelt taking place this year, today two of us decided to survey what is in store for the IC. The picture is great! In fact, the downside of all the work we have done over the last two years is that it takes a while to get to the garbage. We took out two big bags today.

2001 Season

August 12, 2001

Name          Today       Total

Bill R        4
Dan T         2           4.5
Fred W        4           7
Glenn G       4           9.5
Gordon B      4           9.5
Jennie P      2
Jim F         4           6
Kees G        4           9.5
Kelli L       2           5.0
Larry M       2           5.5
Laura K       1           5.5
Mat E         1.5         5.5
Matt C        4           15
Neal O        4           6
Paul S        2.5         7
Rick H        4           8
Steve B       1.5         2.5
Steve S       3.5         5
Tom K         1           5.5
Valerie P     2           6.5
Yvonne C      2           8.5

59 hours. (193 total) The focus today was a complete rework of the finish and turn around area of the PPA/M. All rocks were either removed or chipped out of the final section and the turn around area is now all down to gravel and dirt! After a birthday cake break for Alex H (1 year old) we went back and did a lot of work on the final switch-back. Others spread out over our mile and removed rocks that had fallen onto the trail from the many storms that have passed through during the last week.

A lot of people working one section
A lot of people
working one section
Digging out the big rocks
Digging out
the big rocks
Taking a hammer to a toe stubber
Taking a hammer
to a toe stubber
5 little runners, one big rock
5 little runners
one big rock
Its been a long hard day of work
Its been a long
hard day of work
Stephen testing the new turn around
Stephen testing the
new turn around

August 5, 2001

Name          Today       Total

Ben C         0.5         3.5
Fred W        0.5         3
Gordon B      0.5         5.5
Kees G        0.5         5.5
Kelli L       0.5         3.0
Laila H       0.5
Larry M       0.5         3.5
Laura K       0.5         4.5
Matt C        0.5         11
Neal O        0.5         2
Steve B       0.5         1
Tom K         0.5         4.5
Valerie P     0.5         4.5
Yvonne C      0.5         6.5

7 hours. (134 total) Some ugly clouds to the East and some evil looking clouds to the west had us doing another garbage haul off the top so we could get out of there fast! About 25 minutes after we left I was told the thunder and lightning was booming and flashing (at the same time) and the Summit House even asked it’s visitors to stay inside! Of course we were long gone by then:-) But that is about 8 more bags of rusted metal off of the summit of Pikes Peak!

July 29, 2001

Name          Today       Total
Andy D        2.5         8
Craig B       2.5         9
Fred W        1.5         2.5
Glenn G       1.5         4.5
Gordon B      1.5         5
Holly R       1.5
Kees G        1.5         5
Kelly E       1
Laura K       1.5         4
Louise E      1.5         2.5
Mat E         2.5         4
Matt C        2.5         10.5
Neal O        1.5
Paul S        1.5         4.5
Richard B     2.5         5
Rick H        1.5         4
Robin F       1.5         3
Tom K         1.5         4
Valerie P     1.5         4
Yvonne C      1.5         6

34 hours. (127 total) Most of us concentrated on the rocky section several switchbacks above the cirque (see photo from two weeks ago). A lot of progress was made with most of the section being widened and several sections being cleared of all rocks! Where that was not possible some good solid rock steps were added. In the garbage department a couple of ICers finished off the last of the Barbed Wire that has been an ongoing project:-) With two weekends to go before the PPA/M races we have already passed last year’s total hours number:-)

July 22, 2001

Name          Today       Total
Andy D        0.5         5.5
Ben C         0.5         3
Craig B       1           6.5
Dan T         0.5         2.5
Glen A        0.5         1.5
Glenn G       0.5         3
Kees G        0.5         3.5
Kelli L       0.5         2.5
Larry M       0.5         3.0
Laura K       0.5         2.5
Mat E         0.5         1.5
Matt C        0.5         8
Paul S        1           3
Rick H        0.5         2.5
Steve S       0.5         1.5
Tom K         0.5         2.5
Valerie P     0.5         2.5
Yvonne C      0.5         4.5

10 hours. (91.5 total) Some potential ugly weather got us out of there rather fast today (OK and we were tired too;-) Bottom line however that much more trash is gone and that many more rocks have been moved!

July 15, 2001

Barr Trail Mountain Race

July 8, 2001

Name          Today       Total
Andy D        2.5         5
Ben C         0.5         2.5
Craig B       2           5.5
Dan T         1           1.5
Glenn G       1           2.5
Gordon B      1.5         3.5
John Ge       2
Jonathan C    1           2
Kelli L       1           2
Lindsay R     1
Matt C        3           7.5
Paul S        1           2
Richard B     2           3
Rick H        1.5         2
Valerie P     0.5         2
Yvonne C      2           4

23.5 hours. (81.5 total) Several of us worked on the really rocky section above the cirque. We got about a 100 foot section down to the dirt. Others did the garbage detail while still others worked on rocks higher up.

Before and After While we got in the way in the before picture you can still see a large number of the rocks that were removed. Also the whole section was widened.

July 1, 2001

Name          Today       Total
Andy D        1           2.5
Craig B       2           3.5
Craig H       1           2
Dan A         1           2
Dan T         1
Dan V         2
Fred W        1.5
Gordon B      1           2
Jim F         1           2
Jonathan C    0.5         1
Kees G        2           3
Larry M       1.5         2.5
Larua K       1           2
Mat E         1
Matt C        2           4.5
Randy L       1.5
Richard B     1
Robin F       1           1.5
Stu N         0.5
Tom K         1           2
Valerie P     1           1.5
Yvonne C      0.5         2

26 hours. (59.5 total) We worked our way over our mile doing rock removal and covered 3/4ths of it. As usual a bunch more of old garbage was hauled off including a good amount of old lumber! It is looking really good — especially for this early in the year — proof that last year’s work paid off.

June 24, 2001

Name          Today       Total
Alex C        1
Ben C         1           2
Bret P        1
Brian E       1
CJ M          1
Craig B       1           1.5
Craig H       1
Dan A         1
Debbi B       1
Glen A        1
Glenn G       1           1.5
Gordon B      1
Jim F         1
Kees G        0.5         1
Kelli L       1
Larry M       1
Larua K       1
Lon R         1
Louise E      1
Matt C        1           2.5
Rick H        0.5
Robin F       0.5
Scott L       0.5
Steve S       1
Tom K         1
Yvonne C      1           1.5
Yvonne S      1

25 hours. (33.5 total) The largest group ever spit in to several groups. 1 did rock clearing down towards the Fred Barr sign. One concentrated on widening a couple of the smaller switch-backs near the top and a third worked on the garbage detail. This was a huge group spread out all over and it was inspiring to see this many giving back to the mountain.

June 17, 2001

Name          Today
Andy D        1.5
Ben C         1
Craig B       0.5
Glenn G       0.5
Jonathon C    0.5
Kees G        0.5
Matt C        1.5
Paul S        1
Steve B       0.5
Valerie P     0.5
Yvonne C      0.5

8.5 hours. The picture at the top tells the story!

2000 Season
Photo by Rick H
Working on the trail Incline Club members from left: Andy D, David P, Matt C, Paul D ?, James D, Kees G, Tony E and K9 Jasmine doing their best imitation of a real work crew – two do the work and the rest watch;-) But seriously we really tackled a couple of bad sections and made them a lot wider and smoother!

August 13, 2000

Name          Today   Total
Andy D        2        3.5
Bob M         2
Connilee W    2        3.5
Craig B       2       12.5 Shirt
Craig H       4        4
David P       2
Debbi M       2        3.5
Glen A        4        6.5 Shirt
James D       1
Kees G        2        3.5
Keith G       1        1.5
Larry M       2        8.5 Shirt
Matt C        2       13   Shirt
Paul D        1        1.5
Paul S        4        5.5 Shirt
Rick H        2        7.5 Shirt
Stephen M     2
Tony E        2        4
Yvonne C      2        3.5

41 hours today (119.5 total) Today we brought the tools! We did a lot of rock work and no one managed to get hurt which is pretty amazing after seeing some of the rocks we moved. We also used the “yellow jack” to kill quite a few toe stubbers. Many also just moved little rocks. We are happy with the work we did today and the top mile is ready for the runners. This should also be our last outing for the year and in general we made a lot of progress. While of course there is always a ton to do we still can not believe how much garbage is still up there!!!

July 30, 2000

Name          Today   Total
Ben C         1        4
Craig B       1       10.5
Debbi M       0.5      1.5
Glen A        1        2.5
John G        1        3
Matt C        1.5     11
Paul S        0.5      1.5
Rick H        1        5.5
Tony E        1        2
Valerie P     0.5      1

9 hours today (78.5 total) Massive trash day with garbage bags provided by the summit house. We also left 5 rail road ties for the COG to pick up. We had to go a good bit further for our trash today but that was a good thing!

Photo by Rick H
Making the trail a better place
Incline Club member Larry M uses a “Yellow Jack” to bust out a rock. Larry works the finish line of the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon and said he had seen enough people trip over that rock — 1 down 1,683,542 to go...

July 23, 2000

Name          Today    Total
Ben C         1.5      3
Bret P        1
Craig B       2.5      9.5
Glen A        1.5
Jennie P      1
Keith G       0.5
Kevin B       1
Larry M       1.5      6.5
Matt C        2.5      9.5
Neal T        2        5.5 Shirt
Rick H        1        4.5
Scott L       1
Teresa T      0.5
Yvonne C      1        1.5

18.5 hours today (69.5 total) A perfect weather day! 2 went back to the trash dump and worked on taking out 4-5 big bags of metal junk. The rest of us did rock removal on the trail. A new step was put in at one of the bigger step-ups and lots of toe stubbers were removed. We use other rocks to knock them loose in the dirt so they come out. Another section was streamlined and widened a bit involving a hundred or so rocks. An unnecessary step-up – or rather step over – was removed from one section and the trail contoured to be more even in that spot. The trail was very busy today! The best story is one of our group took up a guy’s backpack from the 1 mile sign and when the hiker made it to the top he gave our runner $60!!!

Photo by Rick H
That does not belong here
Larry M and Matt C prying an old piece of COG rack out of the rocks.

July 16, 2000

Name          Today    Total
Connilee W    0.5      1.5
Craig B       1        7
Larry M       1        4
Debbie M      1
Matt C        1        7
Paul D        0.5
Paul S        1
Tony E        1
Valerie P     0.5

7.5 hours today (51 total) There was a big-time storm moving in and we knew it therefore we stayed close to the summit on the South East drop-off about 15 yards off the trail. We took out no less than 12 garbage bags FULL of cans and metal and we hardly made a dent! Well a 50x50 foot section is looking good but it is just tragic the amount of trash still in this general area. Also we took up 4 railroad ties and set them by the switch for the COG to take down. Then just as predicted a hale/snow storm came in complete with lightning so we got the heck out of there. A couple of the newbies that joined us were saying they did not know this stuff was up there – now they are convinced!

Photo by Rick H
Hi ho hi ho it off to the dump we go
David P and Larry M taking a COG rack to be hauled away by the COG. The COG hauled a lot of stuff off of the mountain for us and most of the junk was not even theirs!

July 9, 2000

Name          Today    Total
Ben C         1.5       
Craig B       1.5      6
JB Baxter     4
John G        1.5      2
John Ge       1.5
Larry M       1.5      3
Matt C        1.5      6
Neal T        1.5      3.5
Rick H        1.5      3.5
Steve B       1.5      2.5
Val S         1.5
Yvonne C      0.5

19.5 hours today (43.5 total) 3 continued the rock removal down towards the mile sign. The rest of us spread out and got busy on several trash hauls. 2 railroad ties were the big ticket items. The Summit house gave us trash bags which we used to haul a bunch more of those old rusted cans. Lots of building wood was also removed. I think we only found about 5 things that looked to be discarded in the last 10 years. Managed to send a few items up with hikers!!! We made a big pile – can’t wait to see the photos. The COG train filled half the work train with our junk and then we did another haul and filled the back of the trash truck.

July 2, 2000 – Car race practice, we did not go to the top

June 25, 2000

Name          Today    Total
Andy D        1.5
Connilee W    1
Craig B       2.5      4.5
Kees G        1.5
Larry M       1.5
Matt C        2.5      4.5
Neal T        1.5      2
Rick H        1.5      2
Steve S       1.5      2

15 hours today (24 total) We hiked down to just above 16 GS sign and built in a new rock step in an area we felt the existing step was too big. Below the 16 GS sign we consolidated 3 drainage streams into one. We again worked on trail widening on the North Traverse. And then while 4 headed down for some “Spring Cleaning” on the last 1/4 of our mile 5 of us decided to do a trash pickup. We gathered old rusted metal cans, stove pipe and metal bands from wooden barrels along with some barrel wood. Found an old metal trash can that we filled with the small stuff and we carried the big stuff including a 10' long wooden pole. 3 of us also tackled an old railroad tie! Ouch! We carried all the junk to the top and dumped it in the garbage truck – thanks James – he Okd it but asked that the pole and the RR tie not go in the truck. All and all I would say 200 lbs of junk! At home I spoke with John from the COG and he said if we put old COG ties/wood next to the switch he will get it out of there:-) We are adapting well and were therefore able to do more today. A super day and many people commented on our work and how the trail is looking.

June 18, 2000

Name          Today    Total
Craig B       1        2
John G        0.5
Matt C        1        2
Rick H        0.5
Steve B       0.5      1
Steve S       0.5
Tom K         0.5      1

4.5 hours today (9 total) “Spring Cleaning” from the 16 GS sign down to North Traverse. Again many “winter rocks” moved. Cleared two rock slide areas that were encroaching on the trail. Result was a 50 foot section of trail is now consistent in width with the rest of the trail. Also removed many “toe stubbers” and filled resulting wholes with dirt/gravel. Spoke with Sue Belding, manager of the summit house, and acquired a storage location for a rock bar, pick and shovel. Need to tag tools “Friends of the Peak.”

June 11, 2000

Name          Today
Craig B       1
John C        0.5
Matt C        1
Neal T        0.5
Robin F       0.5
Steve B       0.5
Tom K         0.5

4.5 hours “Spring Cleaning” from the top to the 16 Golden Stairs sign. Many medium size rocks had to be moved from the winter. Constructed “directional control wall” at 16 GS sign.

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